I feel like we live in Texas or somewhere like that where the only water for the cattle is out of a tank. Blue will swim in anything.

But the deal is I have to lift him in and out. Sorry old dog. But if that’s what it takes I can do that for him. At least he’s jumping in and out of the truck again. For a while he thought I should lift him up into there too.

We’re all getting in better shape. I even thought my saddle was lighter lately not just that old Blue dog.


And not as in good looking. Glad we got up early to move cows it was another scorcher today.

People say, “oh I’d love to do what you do, ride a horse all day,” and most days I count myself really blessed to be able to do what I love. But, then there are those days when it’s just stinkin’ hot hard work.

I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.



Mostly I just lose stuff out on the prairie: cell phones, ropes, hats, and then my cantle pack this year (with medicine in it luckily it was only oxy and only a partial bottle).

But look what I miraculously found in the middle of 40,000 acres: someone’s really nice walkie-talkie. Not sure if still works or how to find the owner.



Kind of smiled when I saw these two white goats jingling around with the neighbors really nice heifers. Not sure what the thinking was there.



Texas gates are a really good invention (speaking as the person who always gets out of the truck to open the gates).

But they need maintenance and here’s why.

IMG_8119.JPGThey fill in with dirt and then the cows just walk through it which can mean a lot of sorting out cows and getting them back in the right field.

So far so good but I can see this becoming a problem soon.


Went to open a gate and saw this little guy. He just sat there and didn’t fly away.




The whole world seems full of smoke today.

Last night I woke up around 11:00 pm to the smell of smoke and when I went outside I could see it. That caused quite a panic in my mind. I called the neighbor and woke him up asking if he knew of any fires nearby. We’re a little isolated so I didn’t realize it was everywhere.

I apologized for calling so late but the neighbor so kindly said it was just fine to call anytime about fire. It was their ranch that had the fire last week that we were able to help.

Got to say I’m expecting a fire any day, it’s so dry.

Rough Country

No shortage of rocks and rough country but I like the wildness of it all. Can’t seem to get a picture that really lets a person catch the depth of it. It’s quite breathtaking in places.




Air Conditioners and Siestas

Rarely am I thankful for air conditioning (which used to mean driving with all the windows down) but at 38 degrees Celsius today I was thankful the trailer we are living in can be made happily cool. We parked where the barn shades it from the afternoon sun and that helps too.


I can hardly imagine how folks in the south handled the heat before its invention (afternoon naps/siestas, I guess). We have started doing that on the really hot days, taking a break between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. It makes it only a 10 hour day then from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Not much else to do here but work, but then, work isn’t really work to people who love what they do and that would be us.

Cameras and Phones

Since our phones don’t work as phones or data networks while we are at work, we’ve been letting batteries run down or leaving them behind a lot. Now I’ve even forgotten the last place I saw my charger. That meant I had to come to town to charge up my phone which I usually use as my camera.

And what a week not to have a camera. I saw so many incredibly cool things. Maybe I’ll have to drag my old duct taped camera out and carry it with me like I used too.