Went for groceries to Tesco. 

I found myself asking what the heck is Heck?

This was one of the alcohol aisles. Ther were three of them with alcoholic beverages on both sides. 

Keep in mind it’s over two dollars Canadian to one £ pound so that made the Budweiser over $24 per case. Not sure what it costs in Canada because I don’t buy beer. 

Anyway. I was after real food and came home with a couple of weeks worth. I won’t be starving anytime soon. 

Feeling Good

I thought maybe I’d just give an update on how I’m feeling. Good. 

I sleep about 12 hours a night, half my life. But I did watch a documentary on sleep before I left Canada on the effects of melatonin ( the hormone that encourages sleep) that it actually slows down cancer progression so maybe that’s a good thing to sleep lots and all in a row. 

My appetite seems to be coming back even though I’m trying to juice, eat my budwigg concoction of quark and flax seed oil, whole grains, and I added a few servings a week of fish or chicken. I almost feel like I might be gaining weight instead of losing it. Not sure I want any weight back but if makes my body happy I guess that’s ok. 

Maybe it’s the walking that makes me hungry. I’ve been walking at least a couple of km a day, downtown and back. I still hobble a little from that foot I broke a few years ago but not too bad. It’s a little painful but bearable. 

The day or two after I have my shot I have slight fever, maybe the hint of a headache but it doesn’t slow me down too much. The shots seem to make me feel cheerful and optimistic. I’m not sure why. 

So actually this is the best I’ve felt in a really long time. I’m still painfully homesick but I pretty much have to stay now till my last shot in April so I’ll just have to deal that.  



I saved the other pictures I took at Chester for today because the cathedral had so many of its own. 

Yup they still have these cool old phone booths like on Dr. Who. 

And tons of double decker buses. These two wonderful young women were my traveling partners yesterday from the church I’m going to here. They are missionaries over from the U.S.  The one girl will be going home soon and hadn’t got to see many sites so they took this one day to at least see Chester with its grand cathedral. I had so much fun with them. They made me feel young just hanging out with them. 

They teased me about running to the sweet shop instead of the cathedral. Love the big red mail box. 

That clock was pretty fancy. 

But check out these buildings. 

That figure in the middle on the second floor I recognized from pictures I had seen of queen Victoria. 


Lots of modern individual shops on the ground floors of each buildings. Some pretty posh shops. One of them was a place were a shoemaker would actually make you custom made shoes. I can’t even fathom how much that would cost. 

This I took thru the bus window.

 So it was a good day with good company. What an adventure for an old cowgirl. 

Chester Cathedral

Went to Chester today to see a fairly impressive cathedral. 

I understand it is made from native sandstone that is the ruddy orange/ red colour unlike the sandstone I know which is beige. It must be the iron in the sand. Looked like they had som scaffolding up in spots on the outside. 

Hallways like in the movie Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. 


With some rather quirky somewhat disturbing sculpture. There was one creepy little one up high that I couldn’t get a picture of who was supposed to represent the devil in chains because someone saw the devil looking in one of the windows and the carving was supposed to show the devil what would happen to him if he stepped inside  they lady who was telling us said it must of worked because there was no more reports of the devil looking in the window. Isn’t that a little creepy?

Others were less so.  
  A grave slab, there were quite a few graves under the floor that we walked right over. 

  Some real marble columns  

A pipe organ

   Beautiful woodwork. 

 And stained glass. 


All in all, it was a finely decorated,  large, and complicated building with very little if any of that special feeling I experienced in the similar building, St. Peter’s Church,  in Riga. 

Show Juming

Finaly, smells and sounds I know but lots that was new too, like how they haul horses.  

Not many trailers and the trailers they have are pulled by cars. Instead the have these horse boxes. And it doesn’t appear that the horses ride angled like ours do either. But then none of their roads are straight either.

There was a portable tac shop that pretty much had anything a person could need, except saddles. Smelled deliciously of leather, my favorite smell after the smell of horses. 

A very nice indoor space with a small warm up area next door. I was glad to be inside because it was a very wet day today. 

Got cold enough toes, as it was, to sit in the huge cafeteria and watched through the glass. Bad for pictures. 

 All these riders were walking the route befor their class. They were counting strides which my cousin thought might be four of our steps per horse stride. I counted someone’s steps between a combination and it looked like 8 steps so that would be two horse strides which seemed reasonable. All seemed to take this very seriously.  

 The arena was groomed well between each class as was the warm up arena. He went pretty fast as you can see from the blurr. 

And of course the bulletin board had a horse posted for sale. Looked like a nice pony. Keep in mind it takes about $2 Canadian dollars to buy an English pound (£).  They don’t use euros (€) here in the UK.  

Then we ate out on the way home. I’m so clueless I thought we were going to a very odd butcher shop when my cousin mentioned a cuttery. lol. He thinks I should have brought my youngest daughter (who he has such fond memories of) because she ‘caught on fast’. Me not so much. Itis all such a foreign experience to me except for the horses; that, I know and love. 


Birch Sap

I actually tasted this  when I was in Latvia. I wasn’t sure what it was and because on my treatment alcohol is strongly advised against I asked and didn’t quite understand it was birch sap till they explained the process. Then I thought: oh like they make maple syrup in Canada but they said not boiled. 

It tasted really good and they said it was very healthy for me. 

Click here for instructions: Birch Sap (bērzu sula)


Signal Man

I found out my cousin’s dad worked as signal man on the railway here. Took this picture tonight and not sure if you can see the smaller building in the back but that’s where he worked. I like thinking about him there. I never met this uncle but I’m sure I would have really liked him if he was anything like my cousin. 


Pondering Latvia

I have had sometime to step back and ponder my experience in Latvia. I was afraid that I would leave a little part of my heart there but now I realize it won more than just a little part and that I have carried and will carry Latvia with me wherever I go. 

I can’t explain to anyone a logical reason that my heart has been so touched; it has to do with the people I met there and the soft echo of prayers by Latvians, long past, that I experienced in St Peter’s Church in Riga.  What a priveledge, maybe a reward for my own type of courage. It did take ever ounce of courage an old cowgirl, who is more comfortable with cattle than people, could muster to step on that plane in Canada, fly over an ocean, to a country I knew so little about for a treatment only I seemed to have heard of. 

It should be no surprise to the world that an effective kinder cancer treatment has come from this tiny often oppressed nation. Whatever suffering they have been through has made them people worthy of great admiration and the best of the Lords blessings. I smile when I think of them; they seem so efficient maybe even distant in a way but if you really look, you see that their kindness runs so deep. I think I will owe them my life, my physical life and my spiritual life because of the awakening I felt there. 

Maybe in this Ted Talk by their President, who grew up partly in Canada, you can see in a small part what I am trying to say.  She is just as lovely as all the Latvian people I met there. 

Click here: The Latvian Identity: Vaira Vike Freiberga at TEDxRiga
Published on Aug 28, 2013Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga is a Latvian social and political activist, a scientist, a professor and an honorary doctor in several universities. After returning from exile in Canada, Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga took charge of the Latvian Institute where she worked until becoming the president of Latvia. Her talk is about the Latvian Identity that has led her across six different countries on three continents with five different languages till she returned back and became the president of Latvia in spite she left Latvia at the age of 6 and returned only at the age of 60.



I’m sure feeling good as in healthy right now and cheerful. I just wanted to thank anyone who is remembering me in their prayers. I swear I can feel their power. Thank you so much. 


I know very little about Quark except that I like it and kephir. I mix them both with flax seed oil and slice in some apple and tasty it up with cinnamon. 

When I was searching for alternative therapies for cancer I found the Budwig Protocol which was mainly flax seed oil and quark. I was already a big flax seed oil lover so I thought: I wouldn’t mind trying this.

Flax seed oil isn’t really easy to digest on its own but when mixed with a milk protein it becomes water soluable and a lot easier on the digestion. 

The bennifit for me, whatever else it does is help me think much clearer. Between that and juicing I swear it’s like taking a smart pill.