Snowman Snowlady

My snow walk today. 


Protected by my very own snowman. 

And look what we found, growing up high in a tree. Mushrooms?

Media Fast

As my goal is a quiet peaceful life that isconducive   to healing and health I decided to cut out the news, Facebook, and the like for this week at least. Just a little break from the negativity. 

In all honesty, Facebook has been interesting me less and less anyway (except I love my family and friends there) but Shirley, bless her heart, suggested I could post more on my blog. So I might do that. 

Here goes. 

A crazy thing happened to me yesterday.

 I went for a walk in the sunshine in the park by the river, alone. It was family day here in Alberta so there were lots of families and people with dogs doing the same thing in the same place as me. 

As I was crossing the street on my return home a car drove by and the driver waved. I thought it might be someone I knew and I just didn’t know the car so I waved. 

Then the car turned the corner kind of last minute like and when I walked by I noticed it parked and looked like the driver was watching me. I tried to ignore it but when he passed me I changed my course slightly so that I could take a short cut and be farther from the road. 

But the car pulled into the parking lot and the driver, no one I knew, a guy probably a little younger than me, jumped out and came over to me. “You wouldn’t be Karen would you?” “No” then he mumbled about all the people around and how he usually walked by himself and was I done my walk? Boy! Was I done! I excused myself politely then hurried home, luckily it was only 1/2 block away. 

What’s with that? I’m a little old to try and pick up, I don’t look pretty or rich. Now I feel like I need a friend to walk with. 


Just curious to see how this goes here. I posted this talk on FB and it along with some on a similar topic got mysteriously deleted from my timeline, in fact I’m not sure it was allowed into the feed. 

Of all the talks and comments I have heard on this topic this is the most sensible and down to earth explanation and by a Canadian. I like her. She’s bright and honest and, I believe, sincerely trying to help the world. 

We can’t just hide our heads in the sand and pretend darkness isn’t spreading or avoid being called a name to the detriment of our future and the future of all who love and in fact the whole world. 

Please, if you value my opinion at all, watch this so that you can improve your understanding of the situation. It’s well worth you time. 


The thing I love about cancer is the perspective it gives you. Time and an end to Time, it’s a magnificent view. 

I think we all dread the slow methodical killer and in our terror don’t pay attention to the gift he carries. 

Maybe I’ll let the ancient Roman philosopher Horace explain: “Whatever hour God has blessed you with, take it with grateful hand, nor postpone your joys from year to year, so that in whatever place you have been, you may say that you have lived happily.”


Now this might not look like a prosthesis but it’s mine and it brings me a lot of joy. 

Why you are wondering do I need this?

My whole life I’ve been frustrated by puny hands but my little finger has caused me the most problems. 

Not sure if it comes across in these pictures but it is very short, making the playing of many musical instruments particularly difficult for me. 

Then breaking the very end and a botched relocating job after I dislocated it roping a bull made it slightly crooked and even shorter. 

But this little contraption I made out of a paper clip along with that funny little ring has been just what I needed to play this simple little penny whistle. 

This is how it works. 

It totally makes the four point hold required to play the tin whistle possible for me. It’s been working brilliantly. 

Just thought I’d share my little paper clip joy. 

A New Year

Well, I’m sorry to see 2016 go. It’s been good to me. 

Got to do so many cool things. I’ve had experiences I could hardly have imagined. One old cowgirl wandering the streets of Riga Latvia, marveling at old buildings in England, meeting my wonderful family in Wales, lost without my phone under the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California.

I’m closer to my husband and my beautiful daughters and my Lord than I think I’ve ever been before. 

I’ve learned more about eating right and staying healthy than I thought was possible. 

I’m content, grateful for my trials, happy. 

Thank you 2016,old year now gone to your rest. Welcome 2017, new infant year. 


Can you see him? What a nuisance. 

We’ve been going to the barn twice a day to gift Trouper oats and some soaked alfalfa cubes because he was too thin. (He had a broken tooth and another one that needed pulling and it just pulled him down before we figured out what the problem actually was and got the vet in to fix him up). 

We have to guard his treats from the resident donkey or should I say resident evil. 
Oh, and Trouper gets a blanket on at night. He’s never been so spoiled. He is looking much better already. 


I think it’s true this saying in my father’s homeland:

“To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth but with a song in your heart and poetry in your soul.”

It’s how I feel anyway. Never wanted wanted to be rich, always want to sing, and poetry sometimes spills out of my most inner needs. 

Not that it’s good poetry but here’s one I thought up last night. 


Where will I search, how will find
a cure for the ache in my bones for my home?

 Touches of rain, winter’s frost, summer’s sun pull me on when my hope is gone.

Where will I step, how will I know
the path that leads to my nameless home?

 Glimpses of starlight, moonlight, daylight pull me through the darkest nights.

Where will I turn, how will I start
to fill to brimming my empty heart?

 Sents of sage, wolf willow, wild rose beckon me follow my lonely nose.

Where will I rest, how will I rise
when I am so tired, so far from my home? 

Whispers in the wind cheer me on,
hold me up when my strength is gone.


Some days,

this is pretty much how I feel. Transformed, ready to fly but dragging a rock. Not a real positive thought but it’s cool to be at the butterfly stage. 

Just me

I skipped church today. I don’t often do that. But sometimes it’s nice to have a little alone time. It’s fall and the beautiful days, like today, are running out. I’m enjoying sitting on the front step in the sunshine. I do love sunshine. 

I’m trying really hard to be happy in the city. Not really my thing but it does have its perks. It’s sure not like spending beautiful days like this sitting on the back of my good old horse, out on the prairie where all you can see is God’s handiwork and all you can hear is Mother Nature in the whispering grass. What a privledge to have those memories.