Good Colts Good Kids

Skippy (Hayes Brothers, close to us here, raise these line bred Skipper W horses). Day before yesterday he bucked so hard tied to the trailer, I made the cowboy put him up and pick another colt to ride ( it didn’t help much as that colt bucked at least a dozen times that day). Today he was an angel and a useful one at that. Pretty good for a 4 year old: rope, get down, and tie off, like he had being doing it all his life.

And one of our other daughters. We have three of our own and 2 we think of as ours. This one is headed to Australia for a few years to be with her new husband. We’re going to miss her a lot. What a cheerful kid, and starting to make a pretty good hand besides. I have to really admire her hutzpa. Her yellow mare that she rides is a real cowboy’s horse: big, strong, capable and liable to buck you off. But our girl loves her and we love them both.

4 responses to “Good Colts Good Kids

  1. I can't figure out what the problem was that day, except my cowboy put a mare next to the colts in the corral (not the yellow mare). If the barrel racer's colt hadn't bucked the same day I would have thought it was just a colt day but there is a reason we don't like mares around our geldings and I think this might have been the reason. The mares aren't the silly ones, the geldings are showing off or something I guess.I like Skippy a lot but I don't think he's going to be the size to handle the big cows here. Calves are easy. Even little grey Trouper likes treating calves.

  2. It's nice when they work good like that….not so nice when they want to blow up and act silly….I wonder what got into him?

  3. I always thought the Skipper w horses were supposed to be good minded, I had one and she fits the description of your daughter's horse- liked to work, but could be a little cold backed.

  4. Oh Skippy looks good there. You have lots of sick calves this year?

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