Work is a Good Thing

I love rainy days. For me it means: sleeping in, getting to do girl stuff (aka: laundry& housework), and time to think or, at my age, reminisce. Today I was thinking about something someone said to me at the branding.

The someone was the mother to the boss and also the mother of of the other 9 children in that family. Her husband just recently passed on. He was an Alzheimer sufferer that this noble lady took care of till the end. There’s a real love story, eh? I admire her immensely. The black horse the boss is roping on is hers.

I was fussing with my horse and she came up to me and said: “You look better in your working clothes than you do in your Sunday ones. I can see why your husband fell in love with you.” I don’t think she’ll ever realize how much that meant to me. To me that was the best compliment I ever had.

I like to work. I’ve often told folks that they can quote me on my gravestone. It should say ‘Work is a good thing.’ That’s the one message I would like to leave to my posterity and anyone else, even those who might only have known I existed because of an old gravestone in an abandoned graveyard years into the future.

To me I figure someone really likes me (although I do like presents too) when they come and work with me. That’s why I love our other two daughters so much, both of them have rode with me and helped with our cow work. When you work with someone you really get to see what kind of metal they are made of. They are both, like my own 3 daughters, pure gold.


2 responses to “Work is a Good Thing

  1. It's always good to hear about young people with a work ethic. 🙂

  2. There's nothing better than working with someone who knows how to work. Most of the younger generation don't have a work ethic built into their "hard drive" so it's always good to hear about youngsters who are willing and capable.

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