Being Neighbors/Branding

It always amazes me how it all works like a well oiled machine; folks just come to help out their neighbors. I got to take pictures instead of work for a change. These folk’s branding was across the river from where I live and I took one of the few Ferrys on the prairie to get there.

In my world it’s all about the cows.
I wanted to say, “Don’t look at me. I didn’t cause the rukus.”
I couldn’t help taking a picture of this girls hairdo. I wonder who her hairdresser is?
It’s a privilege to be asked to rope.
There’s no substitute for experience.

All set up for the feed after, flowers and all.

Away from the commotion.


4 responses to “Being Neighbors/Branding

  1. Great hairdo- she's stylin'! Neighbors helping neighbors is the way of the west, but it should be the way of the world.

  2. It's just nice when it's OVER!

  3. We will have to lock ours up, too. Saw a fox last year when we had to make our emergency trip down to the property. It ran across the road from the Bayou towards the big pasture. Haven't seen one since though.I worry a little about it, but most of the blogs I read seem to be doing okay with their chickens.I do want one I can eat, too; and while I don't have an egg preference, the hubby does. :)I've only ever eaten store bought eggs so I am looking forward to (hopefully) having some of my own. 🙂

  4. Loved the photos. Glad to hear you had help, too.

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