Buckskins and Bucaroos

I had the oddest sensation watching my cowboy lope off on my colt Hooch. It reminded me of over 30 years ago watching the same guy on an old Buckskin horse he owned then. My heart swelled till it nearly burst out of my chest. He looked soo good, just like when he won my heart all those years ago. I’m sure glad I took a chance on that skinny, homely, poor kid. He turned out to be a top hand.

I don’t know how other folks decide to get married but I’d really recommend kissing horseback under a full harvest moon.


4 responses to “Buckskins and Bucaroos

  1. Wow that does sound magical!

  2. Good to see a cowboy hat again, that was weird in a baseball cap.

  3. Ted and I got married on horseback at the Anchor D ranch near Turner Valley, in fact it's our 14th anniversary this month. Not the first marriage for either of us, but the best one!

  4. Awww, that's sweet.

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