What a pretty day, one of those”sunshine, lollipops, and roses, when you’re near the rainbows disappear dear, and I feel so fine, just to know that you are mine.” like the old song used to say. I could have sung that all day today, a day well spent with my dear.

Our 5th season here and my cowboy took me to this romantic little spot that I’d never seen before, we hobbled the horses and slipped over the fence into the neighbors.

The pictures don’t do it justice. It really was high up (the 1st picture was down stream towards the river and the 2nd was upstream). It may not be all that spectacular to mountain folk but on the prairie it’s a lot of ‘flat’ and this is a big deal. I thought it was real pretty.

  We were standing on a train track bed built in the early 1900’s all done with horses, quite amazing when you consider it. 
All day long the air was perfumed from the chokecherries and wolf willow blossoming, my nose thought it was divine: sweet and soft, kind of like baby powder.
We took the 2 female pups, Glynnis and Pashaw (the hat protector). The moral of that story is never take just two pups together, better one pup and one old dog so at least one is under control. It will come.
Just a pretty day except for the Red Angus bull we had drive along for miles then load in the trailer (in the middle of 5000 acres) and send home cause he broke his thing. Soon he’ll be an Oscar Meyer wiener (probably quite a few wieners, come to think of it.)

8 responses to “Sunshine

  1. I had to chuckle at the Oscar Meyer Weiner, sorry. lol.
    Beautiful scenery though. Just gorgeous.
    I’m really glad you had such a nice day. 🙂

  2. Oh those are awesome, beautiful pictures!

  3. There's a place in Saskatchewan I found (hard to believe) in the Cypress hills that I was so high and could see so far that I was sure I see the curvature of the earth. Not like in the mountains when all you see is more mountains. It was breath taking.

  4. It's hard to get to know everyone. It takes a long time. We have 16 bordering the lease.

  5. You sound pretty happy today. And that is a very pretty view.I met one of your neighbors and he said he didnt think he had met you yet. But I think he may have had you guys mixed up with someone else.

  6. I love the smell of wolf willow too. That's a lovely view, there's nothing like finding a high point and looking out on the view no matter if it is from a mountain or a ridge. Especially in the company of the one you love.

  7. Very beautiful scenery.I love all beef Oscar Meyer wieners… 🙂

  8. Beautiful country! Whereabouts are you? .Took me long enough to realise you had a blog as well! Oops .Off to check it out some more

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