White Wales

If you look in the mirror, you’ll see me taking the picture. I always wear a cowboy hat and leather gloves (most of the time I remember my sunglasses) when I work. The camera is a recent addition to my garb.

Some guys talk to much.

My favorite view of Charolais bulls, headed the other direction.
If you want a good Charolais bull story you have to read my first post on this blog with a picture from last year. We haven’t had any Charolais bull stories this year, yet. But I just know they are coming.


9 responses to “White Wales

  1. That's funny you speak of Charlois bulls, just yesterday my fiance was telling me how much he liked Charlois

  2. They are rolly-polly when they come out but after breeding season they have lost a lot of weight. Check out the picture on my very first post on this blog, of the one we were trying to get out in the fall and I ended up roping the dirty pot-licker. He's thin.

  3. Im so glad we switched to red anugs, not always so much smaller, but usually easier to deal with, (although they can be quick.) and what would life be without adventures to give us stories to tell???

  4. I love big beefy bulls. Look so cuddly. Yea, I'm weird like that!

  5. I used to feed bulls in the winter for a rancher at Black Diamond. There was one old Charolais bull who loves to have his poll scratched. Don't think I'd want to try that with any of those 3!

  6. These were 3 different bulls, there are 19 white wales here.

  7. Just read your initial post ,wow! I agree with the farrier , you are a force to be reckoned with lady! And I see your experience with Charlois bulls is similar to mine only you are tougher!

  8. That's a pretty stocky looking animal, wow. I can imagine they'd be hard to work with.

  9. Big stout buggers! I have not had a good histroy with Charlois cattle in general, all of my stories would involve me hot footing it the other direction with said animal in hot pursuit! .Neighbors up the road here have some nice purebreds and they are so different from what I remember , docile quiet easy to workl with,I was shocked! I guess it can be done.

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