Yaaaaaaaaahoooooooo! Tapederos

I call them tips. I’ve been looking for about 6 years for a pair of these. Many is the time I wished I could flap some bovine renegade in the face with one and get it to turn direction.

my saddle before

My saddle after
It’s Sunday so I won’t be putting on a horse to see his reaction but I can hardly wait to try it all out.
I thought I might explain some of the working parts of my outfit in case you are wondering.
The funny rope tied on over the back cinch is what we call a leg rope because my cowboy sometimes uses it to tie up the legs (usually the hind legs because cows get up back legs first, the opposite of a horse) of animals he has to treat. I carry it for a spare but it also helps pull wire gate close enough for me to get the top wire off and the gate open and sometimes I have to tie a gate up with it. It’s just part of an old used up lariat that we have cut off and pulled one wrap out of. 
It is looped through a brass bull nose ring since my saddle didn’t come with a place for a leg rope (many do now). It was easy to put through the loop on the top of my back cinch. They always took the rings out of the bulls noses at the ranch, just not practical, too easy to hook something in it out on the range or in the winter feed yard.
I’m heading off to go to a Father’s Day supper and the upload today is excruciatingly slow right now so I’ll finish up when I get back. Someone asked about my breast collar and I wanted to show pictures and explain how it comes up through the gullet. See ya leter

8 responses to “Yaaaaaaaaahoooooooo! Tapederos

  1. those are cool Tapederos!

  2. Nice taps; we have a set made by Greg Gomersall, but don't have much call to use them.

  3. I have some bull dog taps lined with sheepskin that I use if it's real cold (I avoid riding in REAL cold though). Taps make my saddle way too heavy that's what I don't like about them.

  4. That looks like a dandy thing to have .For me it would be for the tough gates .I am often looking for a peice of rope to do just that!

  5. Troy Macaulay from Claresholm makes a few saddles a year, had them for sale on Kijiji. They were so exactly what I was looking for.

  6. YAA finally. They are looking good. Where did you get them?

  7. I like how those tapederos look like they are smiley faces. hehe.Thanks for explaining about the leg rope! :)I would love to see your blue and red flowers. They sound particularly pretty. 🙂

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