The Moral of the Story

Coming Home after a long day I found this little visitor on the handrail by the steps to our door. It was a cheerful little reminder that life really is wonderful and God does love me, in spite of myself.

It was just a long hard day, one of the ones I’d almost rather not discuss (which always means my cowboy and I had a ‘falling out’). The moral of that story is don’t try working cows if you don’t have enough time; the only thing that happens is every one gets grumpy and nothing good ever gets accomplished.

8 responses to “The Moral of the Story

  1. A lovely reminder that there is beauty everywhere.And a nice gentle reminder as you say of God's love. I have learned as you have that "if you are in a hurry ,hurry home cause you are done" is a pretty good rule of thumb with animals. It is going to take the time it takes and rushing doesn't ever make it work out better. Taht said , we still all do it by times and are reminded how bad an idea it really is. Hope you have a better day!

  2. Lol, my word verification was mending!

  3. Oh, I've been there! One time I got so mad, I told the husband to leave the pen! Hugs to ya!

  4. sadly enough, your advice is very true about working cattle! My soon to be step-daughter would love this picture. She LOVES butterflies!

  5. Oh I hear ya on that one. Nothing should ever try to get done in a hurry, it never seems to work out.

  6. *hugs*Hope you both got it (get it) smoothed out okay.Here's to a better week! ♥Very pretty butterfly.

  7. A lovely reminder that even if we can't make every day a good day, grumpy and tired can still be dissolved by a little bit of beauty. It's always there, but we have to look outward, not inward, to see it. Hope today goes better for you both!

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