Fastest Bull Loading Ever

Fastest bull loading I’ve ever seen. Must have taken all of 2 minutes to get him into the trailer. Too fast to even take a picture. We loaded a big white bull that was in the wrong field (again) by the dugout (above) in the Spring field. He must have known (from last time) that he had done wrong. Tonight he’s complaining outside in the corral by the house. Tomorrow he’ll get dropped off way away from those poor red angus cows that are supposed to be bred by red angus bulls.

Note how long the grass is in the foreground. Grass around dugouts is never that long. You can almost hear the grass growing it’s growing so fast with all that rain and now the heat.

Had to send home another Simmental (that makes 2) with a broken penis. I didn’t think those bulls really fought that much. They are actually pretty respectful of each other. I guess I don’t know what goes on when we’re not there.

And I mowed the grass around the trailer and sweat big time (not a pretty sight)


8 responses to “Fastest Bull Loading Ever

  1. I can't even imagine how mad some folks would be with pink calves. They shouldn't complain too loud about those tan ones that bring premium price though, but they will. Mostly because the calves will be a few days early and in the cold north that doesn't work out well for some of them.

  2. Aaaah, water. I can never pack enough on my horse to quench my thirst. But I have been known to flop down in slough and ride home wet because I just couldn't stand the heat anymore. Not a real pretty sight.

  3. Lol, thats funny about the bull, maybe youve loaded him before and he knows theres no other way. the grass is just crazy here too.

  4. Sure is a lot of penis breakage going on! Them bulls don't ever learn. We had a bull that would cross two pastures to get to some black cows. He sured loved them. Don't think the owner of the black cows loved him though!Girl, I sweat like a hog!

  5. Could it be because it is so wet around and these guys are loosing thier footing at an inoportune moment?Sure is nice to see such lush grass

  6. oh come on, why wouldn't you want the white bull on the red cows ;)… you'll get pink right… hahahahaha (please know I'm kidding!)

  7. I swear the grass here grows 2 or 3 inches every rain at least! ugh.Hope those red cows don't have pink calves, haha! I know they won't, but you know what I mean. ;)What do you drink to help you stay cool?

  8. Oh my word, it's so green! I can't even imagine….

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