Another Day in Paradise

Pashaw came with me today. Just the three of us: her, me, the big yellow horse, Wilbur checking the early Red Angus herd. The more I’m with this pup the more I like her. She really listens and tries to be a good dog, so much like her dad, my good dog Blue.
I prayed the wind would blow to help not being eaten alive by bugs and it blew. I couldn’t find the cows at first, not in the usual places, hard to misplace over 400 pairs. Then I thought “Think like a cow. Face into the wind and I’ll find the cows”, so I did and I did. 

I  just like cows. I really admire their mothering ability. I tried hard to be a good mom too.

I took this to show one of the Native plants around here and got two: Alberta’s provincial flower the wild rose, and what I really wanted to show Jennifer, who is trying to explain Mesquite to me, our Thorny Buffalo Berry. It has nasty, mean thorns that poke through my jeans and make my legs bleed when I have to ride in them. (If you make the picture bigger you can see the thorns better). Later in the year they have masses of red berries that I hear you can make jam out of. I never have. Who would want to fight those thorns for the berries? 
A “Species at Risk’ bird, the Loggerhead Shriek uses the thorns to impale it’s prey because it doesn’t have talons like raptors. I have seen little dead snakes hanging from barb wire that they have used for the same purpose. They are also known as butcher birds for obvious reasons.
On the way home we saw another Antelope. It was sleeping but I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough. Ya, just another day in paradise.

6 responses to “Another Day in Paradise

  1. Sure is pretty county. My little Skeeter dog is getting to be pretty good , but with such a small group of cows he needs a few reminders to "curb his enthousiasm"

  2. Thanks for sharing the prairie rose picture. I'm defiantly going to work on a post with mesquite and such. ;)I also loved the picture of the Mama cow and her baby.

  3. Skeeters are horrendous here too. We ride at the crack of dawn to avoid them or like you said wait for a stiff breeze. I've yet to find any prairie roses to photograph.

  4. I love Border Collies! I used to have a couple. Now we have Aussies but I love them too :). Of course I just love dogs in general… anyway 🙂 And cows… baby calves are adorable!!

  5. I should send Sammi out to you for education! She is really displaying the desire to work. I'm going to try to put a little video together of how she turns play time to work time.

  6. Looks like a fun day. How come just you guys?

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