Rot, Rot, Rot

Foot rot. We treated a calf, two big heifers, and a cow today after we loaded 3 bulls and took them to the Bull pasture (we thin them out a little this time of year since many if not most of the cows have already been covered and it keeps them from fighting too much and ending up hurt). That took a while; one is a piece of cake, 2 is a little harder but jumping the third one in the trailer in the middle of a big pasture is a tad more tricky.

The first picture was the calf’s foot, this is one of the heifers after she was treated (note the yellow marking  stick). It’s not easy to hold and take a picture, but I wanted you to see. We didn’t have to tie her.

This is the second heifer getting her shot. This one has her two top legs tied and Pic and I are holding the one back leg so she doesn’t struggle as much. The cow, I was too worried to take a photo of her. She was quite a bit bigger and needed my full concentration. It’s all hard work for a guy recovering from a pulled groin. Boy, cowboys are tough. He was up early and had already been to neighbor boy’s to help him (and teach him and his little brother how) to treat 2 big foot rot cows.
But life is good and the prairie is full of wonderful little surprises. These cactus flowers are such a bright, hot pink.

The summer sky was full of cloud sculptures today. I thought the one in the middle looked like a giant white dove.
But I was glad to get back to the barn. It’s been a long week. TGIS, thank goodness it’s Saturday. I’m looking forward to having Sunday off. I’m glad God made one day of rest for us old cowgirls. 
Every thing we do, every cow we treat is recorded and a report sent in to the board. We were home in good time today, in spite of all we got done, and lunch (at 4:00 PM) was hot dogs and rootbeer floats.

6 responses to “Rot, Rot, Rot

  1. I hate foot rot! we get it in my sheep! It's terrible! and mmmm root beer floats… where's mine 🙂

  2. I sure do miss treating those animals, we didn't have that many last year around this time, gotta love the heat, those poor cows. Make sure niether of you get hurt or I might have to fly home and kick both your butts, then I would take care of you both

  3. I love the cactus flower…I've been out three days in a row and by the time I get out they're closed up for the day or the night but closed none the less.

  4. That foot looks painful. I sure hope the cattle owners appreciate what you two do for them.(While they sit in their comfy offices. I see the dove too, and I have a shirt the same color as that flower.

  5. Yay for rootbeer floats! :DGuys have to be tough. Even more so for a cowboy, I think.The sky was certainly gorgeous!Is foot rot just something that happens? Or is it because of too much rain? Just curious.Have a peaceful Sunday!

  6. Hoof rot, frustrating , I was trying to treat a bull one year , the rotten bugger ran on 3 legs as fast as my horse , finally ran so hard he blew the abscess on his own! (not the recommended way to treat , but what the heck) Lunch sounds perfect for a hot day , I may show up sooner than you think! Hope the hubby heals quickly and you get some much deserved rest

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