Cowboy Code

I had some time with the cold and rain lately to think about cowboy ethics, the inner rules that make them good men. I got to thinking about what mine might be and then thought I might as well share them (after all that thinking 🙂 Not necessarily in order:

1. Be Kind to man and beast.
     What greater wisdom is there than kindness.
2. Finish what you start.
     There’s no quitting time except when the job is done. This is really hard most days.
3. Some things are never for sale.
      Most importantly is my Honour: keeping my word, paying my bills, holding confidences.
4. Take pride in your work.
      I want to go the second mile, do my very best, strive for excellence.
5. Remember it’s better to work with, than against Mother Nature

    I’m learning but it’s a loooong process. When I finally get this right, my life is going to be so much better.

 6. Ride for the Brand.To me this means no matter how much money the bosses have and I don’t : I put in an honest day’s work, never take anything that belongs to the folks I work for, and even if I think they want to do things wrong – I do it their way (as long as it’s not immoral, illegal, or life-threatening). I, first and foremost, ‘ride for the Maker’s Brand.’

I’d like to hear yours, if you don’t mind sharing.


6 responses to “Cowboy Code

  1. All of the above…..and…..wait for it………..ALWAYS, always try to deep folks happy….even it it means going out of your way to avoid 'em!!

  2. I agree with all of yours – and Sherry's. I would add that I try to put God first, everyone else second, and myself last. When you do that, all the rest of them come easily.

  3. Good ones. I also believe your handshake is your word. Doesn't seem to amount to much in the world anymore but I say I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it.

  4. Great ethics/code.I would agree with those . Mine are pretty simple.1 Never do anything ,that you wouldn't own2.when you go to bed at night know that you did your best at whatever you did3.Honesty is the ONLY policy4. Love ,your family, your life your self . And share that love as often as you can .5 Give back ,or pay forward , somewhere someone is out there that you can help , by listening or talking,lending a hand , or a few dolars whatever , always give what you can and remember ,but for the grace of God , there go I

  5. I just want to say that I believe out of all the men in the world, the best ones are farm boys or working cowboys (cowboy wanna be's need not apply)

  6. I try to remember not to stress the little things.I try to finish what I start, too. Definitely not easy. Sometimes it takes me several months!Thanks for sharing all of these. Good words to live by. 🙂

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