Grazing School

Back from Grazing School for Women in Milo, Alberta. It’s an annual event funded mainly by different environmental and government groups with other sponsors (Myers, Norris, and Penny) and held each year in a different place in the province.

I had such a good time (I even enjoyed the socializing like the ice breaker and the campfire; crowds aren’t my real forte) but I had someone good to go with. I always am braver when I have one of our girls with me (our other, other daughter). Actually one of my favorite things is getting to meet women who care about what I do.

We billeted overnight with a really nice, successful couple in their beautiful house (of all the times to forget my pj’s, but it all worked out) and some of the activities were in their lovely yard.

This time I came back with some very specific ideas and goals on using distribution tools ( eg. salt, supplements, oilers, troughs, etc. ) to better utilize the grass and protect riparian areas. It was my favorite class.

The stock dogs demo was excellent and I learned a lot. Got to watch a different kind of dog work. It’s part collie, part. . .  (I can’t remember all the fellow told us), but it’s short haired and a little broader bodied than our dogs. My cowboy has been talking about wanting some kind of dogs like this that are part Australian Shepherd, Collie, Catahoula, and Kelpie.

My cowboy had an appointment in the city today and was gone when I got home I went out to check on things and found this worrisome new hole in the tin siding on the barn. I freaked out and walked out to the horses to see if anyone got cut up when they kicked the hole in the barn.

It was hot and probably 1/2 a mile out and another 1/2 back. I sweat. I prayed hard on the walk out that it wouldn’t be anything serious. My prayers were answered. I could see a mark on Wilbur’s back leg but it looked OK, no cut, no swelling. Flies are so bad, I think that’s what caused this. I hate tin siding.


9 responses to “Grazing School

  1. I forget my PJ's all the time. I've always wanted to go to that grazing school but doubt if I ever will get the chance.

  2. Had to laugh at the "forgot my PJ's" sounds like something I'd do….Those delphiniums are huge! Can't believe the Alberta winds have left them standing. Glad your horses weren't hurt, that must have been a worrisome and hot walk till you found them.

  3. So glad the horses were all ok! I know that feeling of oh please NO! My dad's stud a few years ago cut off the back quarter of his front hoof on a barbed wire fence being a dumb stud colt. We spent many hours on the road to and from Oklahoma State Universities Vet school and countless hours bandaging and taking care of that horse. They said it could be done, we proved them wrong. They said we'd never ride him again, my dad has been on him a few times. This is the miracle horse so I know the OH NO feeling!

  4. Welcome back!I'm glad no one was injured, too. If you had neighbors, I might think someone had tried to cut into your barn, though I don't know why they would.

  5. We always line our metal siding on the inside with particle board or the like…I've heard of too many horses cutting their legs off after kicking through metal siding. I'm so glad to hear he was OK!!!Sounds like a great trip; educational and social.

  6. That course sounded really good-I like that they had a stock dog thing-makes things unique–I also really like that it was especially for women.

  7. Oh wow! Glad that none of your ponies got cut bad! Sounds like you had a good time.

  8. That hole does look like it would have left a mark! Glad it didn't .Flies aren't so bad , but the skitters are allof a sudden out in force . My poor mares were running like crazy things.The are currently basking in the smoke of a rather smelly smudge. They are happy , the neighbors?not so sure , but they have horse too so…The course sounds quite interesting

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