Tired and Bored

My most unfavorite time of year is the week of my birthday. If we have a wreck it always wrecks my birthday too. I’m grumpy, can you tell, tired and bored and grumpy?

I paint.  Not often, but maybe I could finish this. Or start something else and not finish it too. Baaahumbug.

11 responses to “Tired and Bored

  1. Came on over from Kate's place..and Oh wow..that looks finished to me!Gorgeous!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Mine is tomorrow…I feel old and am alone at the moment..or maybe I could muster up some cranky too!KK

  2. Happy Birthday! You're so talented!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, hope all goes well with no wrecks! We should have party, that would get rid of the boredom, lol.

  4. Love your painting! I hope you start feeling better soon.And, Happy Birthday! 🙂

  5. Birthday, is it your birthday? Come on you have to tell us these things! And you painted that? OMG dear, it's marvlous! You can paint one for me 🙂 My birthday was (last week I think) or I have a wedding coming up 🙂

  6. You got Big talent, Grumpy.Can you paint some good looking Simmentals ?You have gained alot of new friends this year who know you are a special friend. I know you have brought much insight into my little world here in Vermont.Have a Moooovelous Birthday from my herd to you!Sorry you got all banged up by that nasty white bull. "Bad Bulls" always taste better with a little salt…

  7. Like Linda P. said! With talent like that maybe it's time you spent less time chasing cantankerous bulls and more time with the paintbrush…..just sayin'……

  8. This year WILL be different…..it'll be the best of the best year of your life…..and just finish the dang painting….so you won't be bored.

  9. You definitely have enough talent that you can probably sell work on the side. It's great.Sorry you're feeling grumpy, but I hope your birthday is a nice one. ♥Happy Birthday! 🙂

  10. Wow! you paint well, I would say get grumpy a little more often if that is the result!

  11. Birthday? Did you say Birthday! Happy day to you even if ya are grumpy! And that painting is awesome! You're so talented.

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