This evening after a whole day of sleeping, I went to a short class on cupcake decorating, part of my new hobby. The one on the top left is supposed to be part of a set that looks like popcorn that you put in those printed popcorn bags but I didn’t get a picture of it that way. The ladybug was made with chocolate on an M&M and the flower petals are just mushrooms cut diagonally and then dipped in sprinkles. The teacher never used any thing fancy, just cut the tip off a ziplock back and decorated with it. No messy cleanup, I loved it.

I’m trying to sound cheerful but my cowboy is without help while I’m laid up. He gets it done but it would be so much easier if I was there. Today a gate was rubbed down and 200 head of cows in the wrong field, and the bulls in the bull field had broke a post off, tore some fence down and were out along the canal. Meanwhile, I’m fussing with cupcakes. Still he did like eating some when I got home.

Oh, and I wanted to post this photo of the Logger-head Shrike sitting on a fence post on the way out of the yard, one of the Species at Risk in Alberta. I’m keeping track of sightings so I can fill a census report that Operations Grassland Communities will be sending me. Apparently their habitat is shrinking further south all the time.


12 responses to “Cupcakes

  1. Doug has workers compensation and he's sore (should be dead, I figure) but not so sore he won't ride his horse and do his work (him not getting to work is like telling a collie "lie down!")Me, I work for him, not the board, so I have no coverage. Help, well that's a whole other story.

  2. Yummy. You stay home and get well , no rushing out to the field. How is hubby mending? hope he is not over doing it

  3. Yum! They look amazing!

  4. Your cupcakes looks so great!

  5. Hope you just take it easy…that's the only way you're gonna get back outta that house!! Your cupcakes look delicious…a good woman is just as good in the kitchen as in the corral.

  6. The cupcakes look Marvelous! And I know about not helping but you need to heal so you aren't back in the ER!

  7. I like the ladybug! Bet it was nummy too. Do you get compensation coverage for getting injured on the job? And isn't your cowboy working hurt too? With that bull sending him flying and then rubbing him out he must be pretty sore too. You'd think the Community Pasture board would send you guys some help.

  8. Pretty! I personally don't like SCREEKING shrikes……I've a yard full of them.

  9. I know how you feel. I sat at home all day yesterday while the husband was hauling hay. He didn't think I could drive the standard with my foot. Whatever! So I baked him snickerdoodles, his favorite.

  10. Yumm! Well, now you can make my pie! Since your so good at it all now. 😉 Sorry that your layed up and can't help. I sure know how it feels when the hubs needs you and you have to watch helplessly. It's just blah.

  11. Murphy seems to be alive and well in your neck of the woods (as in Murphy's Law). Hope the cows will start behaving until you can get out on your horse again.Your cupcakes look very delicious and thanks for the tip on using a ziplock bag! Sometimes the most obvious things are hard to see. 🙂

  12. Mmmm those look so good! Cnat wait to try one!Cows, always looking for trouble hey? Do you think they know there is less help available?

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