Well, no more complaining. Life was good again today. Rode my favorite horse, took my best dog,

and moved a few cows a few miles,

with some of my favorite people,

 and guess who got to ride Wilbur?
I really missed a good shot of her getting on by standing on salt blocks out in the field. Poor vertically challenged Crystal.
It was all so worth the painkillers I’ll have to take to get to sleep tonight.

6 responses to “Finally!

  1. Awe, yey you got to ride!

  2. I'm vertically challenged, too. ;)Congratulations. Glad you got to get out again. Hope you didn't overdo it. Have a blessed Sunday and a great week! 🙂

  3. I thought you were going to ride Wilbur?? Glad you're back in the saddle.

  4. Now that's better!!

  5. Ya for you being back in the saddle! Hope you didn't over do it. an a vist with Crystal too, how nice

  6. Aw that's great! Gettin' in shape for the weekend? We won't be doing really grueling rides you know; and dogs are welcome… just sayin'….

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