Name My Puppy Contest

I really wanted to be on that trail ride in the mountains but maybe next year. I’ll try to stay away from high headed bulls next season.

I guess I have to go shopping some time. I’m not quite sure why I hate going to town (especially by myself). Needed a few things and wasted a whole day getting them. Home is always better and here is one little reason why.

Both my cowboy and I have always wanted a red and white collie and God must love us because this year we got one each. A little girl for him and this sweet little boy for me and I have no idea what to name him.
I was thinking . . . 
Maybe I could have a Name-my-puppy Contest. I have yet to come up with a appropriate prize but  I’ll find something good. For now, though, put on your thinking caps and post your entry here before the 15th of September deadline.
I’ll also post more pictures so you can watch him grow. He’s just barely got his eyes open and the one thing I have noticed about him is that he is quite a talker (like his daddy Blue, who can actually say Mum). His nose will eventually be all brown. Strange how collies are born with pink noses and then they turn colour later.

19 responses to “Name My Puppy Contest

  1. Duke for John Wayne.I have a black and white collie short hair. His name is Mick. Growing up I had a all red one he was a beauty.

  2. How about Max? I always thought that would be a good cowdog name.

  3. I like to wait and see a little personality before I try for a name but here goes anyhow. Jasper and or – if you live in the same place as Crystal how about Finn.He's going to be a beaut.

  4. Lil' Ray or Ray.After all, Ray Hunt and his darn clinics started something special 33 years ago…and it wasnt colts 🙂

  5. Ooo, how precious! How about Bandit?

  6. Here are two suggested names for your pup:1) Red2) Willie

  7. My dad always said cowdogs were supposed to have single syllable names… then he named his Aussie, Mudflap… :)You could name him Cowboy 🙂

  8. One of Tess's brothers is named Dually, that's a good one Mikey! I've got lots of dog names;TipMackLukeChipJimiand I'm just getting warmed up! I'll wait to see more photos. I love me a red and white border collie.

  9. Dually. I have a friend who has a working dog named Dually and he's such a great dog. I always thought that was a good name.Adorable!!

  10. I'm not good at names. All I can think of is Max.

  11. Smoke – reminds me of Blue!

  12. Oh.. wow… a puppy! I've been considering a pup because our female rottie passed away in July and our male has been a bit sad since. His name is Handsome by the way.I think you will come up with a name… something from the heart. Good luck!Di

  13. OH I just ♥ ♥ ♥ puppies! I'm gonna have baby envy!! I will have to think on this.

  14. Cute! I'm thinking on it and will send you and email.

  15. Squeeing over here! *So* cute! I'm ready for a new border collie, but I'm having a hard time finding a good one around here. There are a lot of agility dogs and a few good working dogs.Do you like one syllable names that start with a hard sound (like Blue?). My first was Ned and my second was Dan. I'll have to think about this …

  16. He is a cutie ,I have a hard time with names for pups or foals , they either come to me right away , or I wander around calling them baby for months.Good luck and if I suddenly have an idea I will enter the contest.

  17. Aww, he's precious!! Look forward to seeing him grow up!My name pick would be: Augustuvus, and call him Gus. My daddy had a red and white border collie and his papered name was that and we called him Gus. He was a very good cow/sheep dog!This will be fun!!

  18. how about Bodacious, Bo for short. Collie's are so pretty!

  19. That is how I feel about going to town…such a waste of a day. I would love a little border collie but Mollidog is such a pill…she is getting up there in age..11…so always in the back of my mind. I will wait for a couple more pics before entering a name..take care and rest..

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