“Friends are angels whose wings lift you up when yours have forgotten how.”

I am often amazed at why anyone would ever read a blog about an old lady. I’ve thought, folks like the horses, or they like the dogs, or the cowboying part is interesting to them, or they like sharing in our way of life. What ever it is that has drawn you here I’m thankful.

It’s been kind of a solitary life. I’m around cows way more than I am ever around people and I think my social skills have never been that good anyway.

There is lots about me that seems out of place in what I do. This is kind of odd to say, but I had the kind of education a rich girl would get: speaking French, knowing about Art History, reading great Literature, able to talk about Astronomy, Psychology, Nutrition, Paleontology, liberal arts they call it. Not much call for any of that on the back of a horse (and the cows don’t care).

So friends for me are kind of at a premium: my kids, Crystal and Jazlyn, my winter boss Laura. That’s been about it. But now there is you, all of you (new and old, younger and older) who come here and check on me and what’s going on here. I don’t know how to tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. I just want you to know your wings often lift me up.

Thank you.

16 responses to “Friends

  1. You're just so stinkin' sweet!

  2. I love your blog and check it daily to see what might be added. I wish my life was interesting enough to have a blog. I am retired and live in a small farming area and that sums up my life just about. Keep the great posts coming, I like hearing about your adventures with the cows. My neighbors are french and I love to hear them speak.

  3. We just love ya 🙂

  4. You had the kind of education I wish they still offered in the schools here. Education here in the U.S. is sorely lacking now.I don't have a lot of social skills either. And animals are mostly always happy to see you. ;)I'm glad I met you. Life is a box of chocolates and you lift my spirits up, too. 🙂

  5. Well, you get to see the art created by the Master's hand every day, I think the Louvre would pale in comparison. I enjoy reading your blog, and hope we can meet up; maybe next year.

  6. Whatever path brought you to where you are , I am glad of it ,else I might never have come to know you , and that would have been a sad loss.And someday I hope to have the chance to meet you face to face

  7. I love stopping by your blog. I love to hear what you have to say…it's be nice to sit over a kitchen table with a cup of coffee, eh? Since we can't, we are blessed with this silly internet thing.Some of the comments that you have left on other blogs and one of 'em on my own have given me a big lump in my throat. I think God uses you to speak to people, or maybe to me directly. Keep on writing…you do a great job.Have you ever sold any of your drawings? You should have them printed as notecards, I bet they would be very popular!

  8. Je parle jusque un peu de Francais. I speak just a little French but it's been a long time and I have forgotten more than I think I even knew. I always wanted to study art in Paris and go to the Louvre and see all the great masterpieces there but I married a cowboy instead and live happily on the prairie with cows and dogs and good horses. Life is like a box of chocolates . . . really.

  9. yes, the blog world is fun….like having a cup of coffee on the front porch with friends…

  10. Hay, its mutual! You give me lots to think about and I love the differences and sameness.My social skills stink too.You speak French ?

  11. My parents were raised in the country. I grew up in a small town. My parents tried to bring some of that country into our lives by providing a lot of chores, and an array of animals for us to care for. We even had a pony once. I can still remember the smell of oats and saddles. It was a joyful part of my life and I think I am a better person as a result of having experienced it. I enjoy reading your blog. Your lifestyle and stories are rich, allowing others a glimpse into a wonderful way of life. Thank you for sharing. ~ Ames

  12. I knew in January when we met for the first time that you were a special soul. Before you started the blog I often wished I could hear from you & now I enjoy the priveledge that it provides nearly every day. I have appreciated all of your thoughts, but especially those about men, family and dogs. Know that each time I go to work with Indy I try to think of the way you might do things. It's a priveledge to know you Linda.Trina

  13. I wish I could talk on all those topics! You are very special lady and I love coming to check up on you 🙂

  14. ❤ Well, it's fun to read your blog. I like hearing how others do things, and you being on the "top"(not completely) and me on the "bottom"(not completely) of north America, and the differences and just the people. It really is fun.I often wonder the same thing… but I'm glad that theres the few that enjoy mine too! And I LOVE comments! Yours are always great!! 🙂

  15. You are very welcome my new bloggy friend.On a side note: I was reading the updated list of potential puppy names and I saw that Duke and John Wayne are up there…TO COOL! He's my favorite actor and my all time favorite character that he plays is Ethan Edwards from the movie The Searchers.

  16. We read because you have something to say, and to share – and thanks for doing that!

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