It was another one of those trip to town days. The only good thing is getting to go to the Library. I can’t stand life with out books. I got to renew my “Frenchwomen Don’t Get Fat Cookbook” still more to explore there (besides my cowboy didn’t want to see that one go).
And then there’s the doctor, nice man, but we don’t really connect (pill dispenser, $65 worth! That hurts the Welsh in me). My cowboy on the other hand thinks he’s the Bee’s Knees.
And then when I got home I had to do housework (so I choose the wash which is my favorite), cooked an awesomely tender T-bone for lunch, snuck some baker’s chocolate for a snack (I’m allergic to chocolate, I know, horrible isn’t it?) so I’ll be sick tomorrow.
Why can’t I just ride my horse?


9 responses to “Bleck!

  1. hmmmm… I might have to look into this cookbook!

  2. Buck up, there's a horse sale today!

  3. Thats a good picture of Pic! I think i live in town, or at least in my truck the last few days, thats all I seem to do lately.

  4. Yep, town days stink. Hang in there. I know how it is to not be able to ride. And that stinks too! Hope today is better!! 🙂

  5. Town days are good and bad, I have had too many lately . The library would be nice though

  6. You will ride. I know it's hard to wait, but you will ride – and it will be all the sweeter. Hang in there!

  7. Going to town is good. Books are great. (Magazines too.) Doctors' bills suck limes.Hope you get to ride at least a little tomorrow. ♥

  8. town day is always good, cause you get to go to the library. our need more good books.bakers chocolate is the best cause you can get big ole chunks off. i think i would die if i was allergic to chocolate. pretty much every dessert i make has chocolate in it.

  9. Can you ride tomorrow?

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