Warning: Pictures of a Good Cow Horse

Life is good again. I’m only a little sore on my right side but that isn’t going to stop me now. I’m so happy after a day on my horse I could just fly with out wings or buttons (popping again)

Today it was all about the Kid. What an awesome little horse.
He’s a three year old, just remember that when you see the rest of pictures.

Here he is happily checking around the dugout. Nothing sick but. . . 
The cowboy couldn’t resist having just a little fun and trailed a calf just to see what Kidd would do. He loves chasing cows, the horse, well, and the cowboy.
Later we found a calf with foot rot and although Kid didn’t actually have to do the roping (my cowboy had his good yellow horse there for that and the Kid was just tagging along with us) this is his first experience being tied off to a calf. It’s done a little different with a young horse like this. The horse has to be close so the back feet of the calf won’t touch the ground once he’s tied off.  A couple of wraps around the horn then. . . 
Back to the calf with some half hitches around the calves legs. With ropes on either side of Kids neck, it keeps him facing the calf. Note that calm, soft expression on his face. It’s not in the picture but a very agitated mama is circling around us making quite a fuss. Didn’t faze this little horse at all.

This shows how the front leg is in the loop around the calf’s neck. This way there is no danger of the loop coming tight around the calf’s throat.

The calf gets his shot to treat the foot rot and he is let go. 

The next calf my cowboy had to chase some to catch it and his hat blew off.

Next calf, same procedure, only this time Kidd is checking things out.

Very calm, brave, and thinking young horse.

Another foot root baby getting his medicine.
 Even Wilbur and Pic are thinking this is a good thing (although Wilbur had to wear a regular saddle because Kid had on the Wade). Pretty happy colt and pretty impressed cowboy. Oh and I think the price just went up.


9 responses to “Warning: Pictures of a Good Cow Horse

  1. That is a mighty nice colt, and I love the way he's bred. He's proving his bloodlines.

  2. He looks good out there!

  3. Beautiful horse. Hope you get a really good price if you sell him. 🙂

  4. What a good lookin' pony!

  5. Lol, that last sentence. What a great horse, you can see him thinking about it all. I love when a horse is like that and has a job that's a real partnership with his rider. You can see the look saying "I'm right here, ready to do whatever you want to do". That's a great minded young horse there. I value that more than anything.

  6. What a lovely young horse!

  7. Very nice youngun! Any cattleman would be happy with that one!

  8. The price needs to go up I am sure , that is a good looking good minded horse ! and omnly a 3 yr old! wow!

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