Passing of Smart Little Lena

We too mourn, with the rest of the horse world, the passing of Smart Little Lena.  I feel like we have a little piece of him here in the Kid (Smart Little Lena is his great grand sire on both the top and bottom side of his pedigree). He even looks, to me, a lot like the great old stallion but in gelding form of course. Makes me wonder if we should really be selling him.

We have always loved the Three Bars bred horses as we had the priveledge of owning a grandson of his many years ago.  I loved that old stud.  Here is Les and I on Christmas day the year I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. (Crazy how people used to roach or shave off horses manes, here, his is just growing back). How an old thoroughbred could throw such cowiness in his get is amazing.


6 responses to “Passing of Smart Little Lena

  1. I never knew horses lived so long until I read Kates comment. And I like knowing the horses are well care for in their old age. They are such beautiful animals.~Ames

  2. I'm thinking maybe you shouldn't sell Kid…in your heart you don't want to…hopefully next year sometime I am going to be looking for a nice quarter horse…I want to get back into riding again after we get done with the house…

  3. You don't look any different now as when you were younger…..good genes…both YOU and Smart Little Lena.

  4. Sorry to hear of that great horse passing on , but what a legacy!

  5. My old Noble – who passed away at the end of July at 30 – had 3 Bars in his pedigree 3x, and also had a lot of the other classic horses – King, Leo, Croton Oil etc. – I love the old lines. My next horse, I think, will be from classic lines as well – I just have to find him/her!

  6. Great that his bloodline lives on.Blogger was a brat and didn't show your other picture, but I do understand your feelings.Hope you have a great weekend. ♥

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