One Week to Deadline

Just wanted to remind anyone who hasn’t entered the Name-my-puppy Contest or anyone who might want to guess a second name that hasn’t already (2 names per person maximum) that there is only a week till the Sept 15th deadline.

My little boy is the one on the left the other red dog is my cowboy’s little girl. 
And yes that is my toe.

How cute is that?

He’s even cute asleep.


12 responses to “One Week to Deadline

  1. Hmmm. I saw that first photo and I immediately thought of "chance". Chance to win a contest, Chance he was your pick of a pup to keep, Chance that he just happens to be so darn cute and Chance to be an all around good looking working dog…Add "Chance" for me, pls!

  2. I will suggest Dan and Ned – I like those. But not as much as I like some of your other suggestions. 🙂

  3. aww hes soo cute, way cuter than last time I saw them.

  4. Totally adorable! I really want a red and white,I guess I'll have to wait until Reba passes in a few years as 3 dogs is enough for me. Has Cowboy's pup got a name yet? Are we allowed to throw in some name suggestions for her too?

  5. Very cute pup. 🙂

  6. Ohhh, I can't wait!!! Could you hurry up.. I wanna know already.. 🙂 Cute, cute, and they're getting SO big already!!

  7. Sooo cute! Thought of another name… Maverick.

  8. I'm thinking Luna……then you can call him Luna(tic) when he is silly or a little naughty

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!! He is precious! Has anyone said Hank? That came to mind as I was looking at his picture. I just want to squeeze him!!! (in a good way of course)

  10. I LOVE the little red spot on his nose! It's adorable!

  11. Sticking to my choice, I liked it and thats as creative as I get

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