Jingling Up

It saves us a lot of time in the mornings if we jingle up the horses in the evening and pick out our mounts for the next day then leave them in the corral overnight. Days are getting shorter and we need to make better use of the daylight hours now.

My cowboy rode my colt Hooch all day then used him to jingle up the horses before we quit for the night. I didn’t think it was a good idea because sometimes the horses really get to running and colts can get pretty excited but Hooch handled it wonderfully.

Notice where Pic, my paint horse, is.

Now see. He really like to run, that horse, often faster than I want to go.

In the lead, the dummy ran right by the gate and
everyone else went through but they followed him down the fence line and

back out the other gate of the smaller ketch field.

Hooch and my cowboy got them turned

and headed towards the corral and barn

On their way into the corral, silly boys.

My cowboy and Hooch right behind them.
It’s usually way more orderly than that. They long trot in single file, most times, like in the first picture but something must have set them off. The air is cooler and maybe they were just feeling good. But it’s a good thing my cowboy is a cowboy and that Hooch is the good colt he his. Lots of men can get the job on an old broke horse but it takes a pretty good hand to do what he does on a young inexperienced horse.

9 responses to “Jingling Up

  1. ah I saw the purdy palomino 😉

  2. I agree. Looks like they were running just because they were enjoying it. Beautiful horses you have. 🙂

  3. I love these shots!!!

  4. You've quite a herd there.

  5. Looks like Hooch is going to be a good one!Fun set of pictures – thanks.

  6. Feeling good enough to get an extra run in – those stinkers knew what they were doing!What lovely light you had to take those wonderful photos by; those shots put me in the picture literally!

  7. They look good out there. I thought Bo was the fastest one?

  8. I think showing off for the camera , and making the "kid earn his stripes"Gorgeous group !

  9. They must have known they were on camera! Showing off!I have a love for paints. My dad was a race horse trainer for paint quarter horses. I loved them. Now he breeds black and white paints. Just beautiful.

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