Pshaw’s Day

Cool, rainy morning and it’s move salt and oiler time so I get to be home for a while, this morning at least. Which is good since we had to work yesterday, one of those bulls-in-the-mire days. (Well really just some tore down fence and bulls in the wrong field and some renegade neighbor’s cows.) Pshaw got to come. I’ll let her explain.
“Today was my day.”
“Pretty fresh bull poo, I better taste it to make sure.”

“Great! Camoflage (how do you spell that?).”
“Boy! that felt good.”

“See Dad, how pretty I look.”
“See Mom, how pretty I look.”
“I even got to chase 5 big mean scary bulls who ran away from Me really fast and back into the bull pasture.  But, alas : ( no picture of that since the photographer was carefully picking her way around a bog and trying to catch up. She’s like that you know.”

9 responses to “Pshaw’s Day

  1. Nothing better than a good roll in cow poo!

  2. My border collie Mick loves to roll in the cow poop too. I have a cat that loves to snuggle in clothes that smell like the barn.

  3. I just watched a great show on black and whites…I thought about you …

  4. Love your blog. Ranchgirl is my oldest daughter and she keeps telling me to stop I did. Can't wait to sit down and browse. Love the pictures. Border collies are such sweet dogs.~M~

  5. We used to have a toy poodle (7lbs) and when we went to my parents farm he always managed to roll in fresh cow poop. When we started home in the car with a stinkie green dog it was not a pleasant ride. He thought he was a farm dog when he got to the farm. My Dad thought this was really funny.

  6. Good Pshaw, saving the cowgirl a lot of work! Hey, did that pup ever find his way home?

  7. Too Cute, I love the first picture!

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