Meet Finn !!!!

First off, there were so many really good names, it was really hard to pick. I couldn’t make a final decision until just be fore the 7:00 PM announcement. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the Name-my-puppy contest. It was so much fun to have so many names to choose from.

Janis is the winner. The name just fit him somehow and doesn’t sound like any dog commands or names of other dogs we currently have. So Janis, congradulations, and please email me with the picture of your animal so I can get started your drawing. (You’ll have to be a little patient with me, as this is a pretty busy time for us moving herds in preparation for take out. Hopefully I can get that back to you by the 15th of Oct.)

Also, anyone who has been following along here knows I kind of got myself in trouble picking a puppy for it’s colour. Another puppy has fallen in love with me and I’m afraid I might have to switch my pick even though I’ve always wanted a red dog.

So the important thing about that for you, is that I used one of your suggestions for the black and white dog and I figured that person really deserved a prize too. So Rachel, if you don’t mind waiting till 15th of Nov. I’ll do one for you too. This little guy just looked like a Gus and when he’s really good I can call him Augustuvus. So email me the picture of which ever animal you want me to draw as soon as possible too, OK? Oh, and my cowboy also loved your other entry, Rojo, and I think has picked it for his pup, so you are kind of double deserving.

Thankyou again, everyone, for all your suggestions. Sorry everyone of you couldn’t win.

13 responses to “Meet Finn !!!!

  1. Awesome names! Congrats girls!!!!

  2. Finn is such a great name. Hooray! He is so, so cute!

  3. Great name choices CCC. Your pups are simply adorable. Are you going to do the rrroll of the "R" when calling Rojo, and the "H" sound for the "J"? Just curious. Congrats to the soon-to-be owners of an original CCC drawing – lucky, well deserving, ducks!!

  4. Finn is an awesome name….my pick too…I just wish I'd have thought of it first 😉 Good job Janice!

  5. Congratulations on the great names! 🙂

  6. …and when Finn is really good, you can call him Finnegan!

  7. Yay! It is a bummer that everyone couldn't win… Well, I'm glad you finally made a decision, it was driving me crazy, even if you didn't pick mine for the red pup! :)I'm jumping up and down now! How exciting that you guys liked my picks of names, I'm glad! :)I don't mind waiting at all. I'll e-mail you the picture of my choice soon… as soon as I can decide on 1… ;)I totally understand busyness, and we are getting that way ourselves around here, with fall coming up and weaning calves is soon to be here before we know it. And then shipping the calves too. Plus all the other things that come with ranching and tending to cattle… ;)Oh, one question, will you do a drawing with a person in it too, or do I need to pick one of just an animal by itself?Thank you!! 🙂

  8. Yea! Those are nice names! Congrats! ~Ames

  9. Wahoo I can't believe I won something and the prize is wonderful. I will get you a photo as soon as possible.Thanks for picking Finn, who by the way is adorable and so is that little girl.

  10. I love *both* the names! Perfect for both little puppies *and* hard working dogs.

  11. We all win if we get to see the drawings when they are done. Great name choices. And cograts to the winners!

  12. Aww Finn does kinda fit him! Glad you found names for all your puppies.

  13. Awww, Finn and Gus!! Two cute! I'm jealous they get pictures from ya but they deserve them. Congrats Ladies!!

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