Night Terror

Today it rained. My cowboy rode but I didn’t have to. The neighbor boy brought us some oats (the horses will be so happy) and Leonard came and took his little girl puppy home. I hope she’s happy there. I miss her already. But I can’t keep everyone. 
And my grandson phoned and wants to come visit Varmint that he calls Milo because of some movie called Milo and Otis about an orange cat and a dog.

Note the terrorist playing in my good curtains. A horrible cat, always into some mischief (my cowboy is currently calling it Swirly because the minute you flush the toilet, it’s looking in the bowl watching the water go down and if there is anything in there, well. . .  yuck), but now my grandson loves it and I can’t let anything happen to it.

This is the same cat who, if you leave the bedroom door open, sneaks in, crawls UNDER the covers and bites my toes in the middle of the night (I haven’t had night terrors since I was 6)  or jumps on Cotton’s (my old cat’s) head when she walks by or runs out the door then hangs on the screen to get your attention to let it back in. It has broken my camera, twice, one of my grandmother’s old plates (that was on top of my kitchen cabinets, up very high), I could go on and on and on. But what do you do? My grandson’s father is way smarter than I gave him credit for. He won’t let them take the cat home.

What a life!


11 responses to “Night Terror

  1. the term "curtain climber" comes to mind…Since moving here to SE MT, I dont know what we would do without our two cats – last night it was 34 degrees and the mice are coming in bringing their relatives…

  2. LOL! What a little stinker. Is it a kitten? Maybe it needs to be fixed. LOL. I am sorry, but I can't get the viual image of the cat looking in the toilet out of my mind. LOL. You have a dilemma.~Ames

  3. …and that's why I DON'T have a cat in the house. The dogs make me enough work!

  4. Lol! My hubby hates cats, I wouldn't mind one. But they can be a pain.

  5. He's got boat loads of personality, gotta love that. Sorry about the broken stuff, nothing to love about that.

  6. Oh boy!I am not a cat fan… we have a few for snakes and all around the house and the boys love them to death. But I for one would NEVER let one in the house… that's just me.He does sound like fun though, a ball of energy, he needs some kiddos to play with and help him wind down a bit… maybe. Ha!Good luck with him! 😉

  7. HEHE… I'm not a huge cat person but other than the camera and plate incidents this cat sounds like a cool cat!

  8. Your cat should get together with Mrs Mom's cat Dat,also a toe biter. My pup is the wrecker around here; you can't leave anything paper on the deck table- she chews it up. Like registration papers for a car, yesterday.

  9. you are so patient for keeping him in our house, he woulda been outside long ago if he lived here.

  10. I had a cat a little like that , a grey and black fella named Rowdy(aptly named I tell ya) you can't help but love them , but they sure can find ways to make you want to yell

  11. What a problem kitty…I absolutely could not handle the biting of the toes in the middle of the night. The look through the curtain is just plain defiance…"You are not the boss of me"!!

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