We’re All Tired

When we were done Pic couldn’t quit yawning

Blue couldn’t keep his eyes open.
I would have jumped for joy to see the last of them go through the gate if I had one ounce of energy left.
 It was 3 hours of really hard riding. It was the herd with some Gelviegh cows. Horrible cows, they always lead everyone else astray, have no herd instinct so they won’t stick with the other cows and just run every direction like opening the door on a bin full of mice. 
I think this requires epsom salts and a long soak in a tub of steaming hot water.

11 responses to “We’re All Tired

  1. one of my friends has a heard of those. His are all show cattle for the most part though so I've only messed with his show string, not just his herd cattle 🙂

  2. That is the one thing I miss while we are building…a bathtub…sometimes a hot shower is just not enough! I want to rig up a nice horse trough outside heated by wood…I think I will put that on my birthday list…

  3. A good horse, a good dog, and a good cowboy and cowgirl can conquer scatter-brained cows! There is no quittin' till the job is done. You guys are top hands.

  4. Nothing like a good soak, enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a rough go! enjoy a good soak!

  6. Enjoy a good long soak!~Ames

  7. Wow. Hope you all get a good night's sleep!And a good bath soak, too. 🙂

  8. Glad you got all the crazy girls where they needed to go. Nothing more frustrating then hair brained cows!Light some candles and enjoy that long soak!

  9. Oh buddy! I love looonnng rides, but they sure do wear on ya, huh!? You better get some rest, heck all of ya better! 😉

  10. Bone weary exhausted comes to mind…is it as stinking cold out there, as it is here?I agree epsom salts and a long soak in the tub!

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