Sunday Stills Challenge-Flags

Whoever thought this up for a challenge sure knows how to be challenging. In order to really get a good shot of a flag a lot of things have to come together, the most important of which is the patience of the photographer.

Finally, the Welsh flag, the only national one with a mythological creature (I’m pretty sure), the Red Dragon (those Welshmen are a real bunch of story tellers).

9 responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge-Flags

  1. Welsh ancestors back in the family tree!

  2. ah finally! Me, I don't think I have the patience!

  3. What an amazing life!! So real! I love your dog (can relate to dogs a bit better than to horses)! What a face and he looks ready for whatever!(My dog died two months ago…a picture of him is at "personal" on my history blog)Miss him so much but am so grateful for the years I had him!Oh and…glad you finally got the flag!Ann

  4. thats kinda different, waiting fo the flag to be in the perfect position to picture.

  5. Cool looking flag. I love dragons. 🙂

  6. I learn something new everyday everyday in blogland!..

  7. Patience paid off…at least you can see whats on your flag…mine, NOT so much!

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