What Better Goal?

A cold, quiet day at home with time to do wash and think. What am I doing? Where am I going? 

As I get older I have fewer goals, many are accomplished, some are eternal.

I’ve always liked the quote:
“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
Some one, looking into the future, promised me once that I would live a long, a useful, and a happy life. As I was a child I wanted to be happy, as I got a little older I wanted to live long,
 but now my goal is to be useful.
The older I get, the harder that seems to be to do. Daily aches and pains, being more tired, and a few battle scars make getting up in the morning a pretty big accomplishment. I think I do pretty good to be as active as I am right now but I don’t think that’s going to get better the older I get.
But it’s all good. I’m beginning to understand that old age brings it’s own type of usefulness. There is a sense of compassion that comes as a result of living through the tough times, a slowness to anger, a lack of feeling offense, a dimming of pride and a willingness to help and be helped. 
There is a rich mellowness that is peaceful and comfortable 
that I think people can feel when they’re around you.
What’s a more useful goal than to be comforting and kind?

11 responses to “What Better Goal?

  1. I am finding that the older I get the more I understand "seasons" just like Old King Solomon. For example, there was a time I was very competitive; showing (hunter/jumpers), softball, running etc. Now I just enjoy listening to others and their "time in the sun", and the urge to compete is gone. I know this must be part of the life journey that will help me make a better decision to be compassionate; and reading what you wrote just helps me even more stay on that Path! One day i will grow up, im sure of it lol!

  2. See, now you filled me with wisdom! I find you very useful. You teach me great things daily with your words.

  3. I think the thing I really realize about ageing is the fact that the things I said I'd never quit doing aren't as important to do anymore.

  4. very useful words!!!

  5. This is why we follow your blog! Your wonderful. This was a lovely post! 🙂 It's all in His hands. We just have to listen and He will guide us down the path that He has layed for us.

  6. Very nice post. We all need to remeber to do what we can,whatever that may be , either to do, teach/mentor, or just sometimes ,be there. We each have a part in the masters plan,and you my dear lady have so much that you give! Useful is not even a question

  7. I think I might copy some of this down in my journal. You put this into words beautifully. You are someone to admire!

  8. Lovely – thank you.

  9. OMgosh..I was just thinking these very same thoughts as I was painting today. This might be my last house that I work so hard on…if we can find good crafts people I think it is time to hire some of the labor out…partly because of the aches and pains and partly because I want to do good with the rest of my life..in a quiet and peaceful way…just like our good old dogs…

  10. Wonderful thoughts. 🙂

  11. I think you hit it right with this post. It isn't necessary to be useful when you are too old to do what you once could, but it is important to be a good role model, an example for the younger generation. I think of some of the old folks I know whose quiet wisdom is inspiring.

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