Sunday Stills-Things That Begin with S




And on a more cheerful note the kind of palm leaf cowboy hat I wear. These hats are virtually indestructible. I’ve had this one a year, wore it everyday, in all kinds of weather (well, not hail, thankfully, and not snow, yet) and it still looks like new. Palm is so much more durable than the old straw cowboy hats we used to wear in the summer. A bit warmer maybe but that just means I can wear it till I need to switch to a tooke. 
My cowboy had one for 4 years, wore it everyday except when it got real cold and he needed ear-flaps and only reason he doesn’t still have it is because he got in a horrible wreck a few years back that tore the brim. It came down and covered the top half of his face protecting his glasses from breaking. (Although it didn’t save his nose getting broke, for the 4th time.)

8 responses to “Sunday Stills-Things That Begin with S

  1. Hope you all have a good week!

  2. Lots of "S" words, but I like the Southland hat the best. 🙂

  3. I like the sulking, its soo true!

  4. So good! Sorry to hear about the cowS getting out I hate when Stuff like that happenS.

  5. Great pictures! We have Sunbody palm leaves, you are so right. They are way better than the regular straw hats. Plus, if the shape gets messed up, all you have to do is dunk em' and start over!

  6. Good ones- the second shot made me laugh, she sure is sulky! I'd love to have a palm leaf hat- gotta wait till I wear out my current hat though.

  7. First time on this blog, read through some of your stuff. I liked it.

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