The Happy Dance

I don’t have a picture of me doing the Happy Dance but believe me, I’m still doing it. The bulls are gone, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a really pretty day, everything went exceptionaly well.  I am so thankful for good help.

We started kind of early.
My cowboy dropped me off at the north and these were the first 2 big guys I found.
It struck me a little odd that they left me and Blue to get 40 bulls into the corral while 
the 3 of them brought 9 bulls. 
But I guess they knew I could manage and I did.

But I got to just take photos while they sorted the bulls into the pens.
I love it when they do it all on horseback. It’s like a dance, a pretty smooth waltz, 123, 123.

We’re pretty happy with these nice new corrals at the south camp and gates you can work on horseback.

They are all welded out of nice strong pipe. Once they are caught there, they are caught.

The horses are enjoying a tasty bite while we helped the chairman of the board load up his bulls. They aren’t supposed to come till 5:00 PM to pick up their bulls but we had them all in around noon. Good thing because that’s when the board chairman came to check up on things. And we were done. TaDA!

14 responses to “The Happy Dance

  1. It's always nice when everything falls right into place! I'm hoping when we wean here pretty soon, we have the same luck. But I have a feelin' it's not going to be so smooth. Enjoy your bull free area.

  2. yippee!! So does that mean you are coming up to the supreme on Sunday??

  3. I bet your are glad! I love that you drove 40 head by yourself!

  4. No bull, it's a happy day!!

  5. Ah, another season passes.

  6. Awesome! So all bulls are gone? What happens to the cows??

  7. Good deal. We always say, bulls are pains nine months of the year…. Great pics!

  8. Glad to hear the trouble makers are gone. :)Hope you have a great day!

  9. Thats a whole lot of Beef!….When`s the BBQ?

  10. Looks like it all went smoothly! nice slick corrals setup. Yay for you the bulls are gone for another year!

  11. A good day's work, and nice to have those bulls gone!

  12. Never send a boy to do a man's job, "Send a Woman"

  13. That's a whole lotta bull! Such a beautiful life you are blessed to live. Hard work, but oh so worth it I'm sure! Very nice that you got it all done so quick! I love the pics of your horses grazing. After my ride today, I left my boy in the neighbor's field to have a snack while I visited!

  14. Woo Hoo! Yippee-aye-yay the bulls are gone! Hummm …. 1 to 40? That's kinda unfair odds. Glad you showed them,huh! I have a not so fond memory of bulls. Maw and Paw were from Kentucky, but us little Florida girlsd didn't know squat about farms and all the big animals that can be found on one. All we saw was a big pasture full of pretty flowers to pick. That bull came out of nowhere. Chased us right out of that pasture. PDQ! Word to the wise: If you fall down while running, make sure you keep your lips pursed. Those bulls make some pretty big piles of poo! Now is it sit on the front porch and rock time??:) ~Ames

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