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Picking up Strays

Well, I wanted to go to church today but I had to thank God at home that all went as well as it did this year and especially yesterday in the fog.

It always take 2 days to move cows, I find: the day you move them and the day you look for any that got missed. Today we found 7 pairs that got missed yesterday in the fog. (Never mind cows, it’s funny we didn’t loose any of the riders.) I let these girls stop here at this little slough to have a drink before I moved them to the corrals. They were so sweet when they saw me, they ran to the gate (so I didn’t miss it, I guess) and waited till I opened it and went in to tell them where to go.

This magpie was very interested in all the goings on.

I thought he matched Blue, being they are both black and white, and tried to get them in the same shot but by then the magpie was flying.

So a pretty short, not very eventful day, and it was so much nicer than yesterday. We’re still short a cow or two so I guess we’ll be hunting for them this week.

I promised someone I would add a picture or two of a couple of the horses here, so these are for her.

Buddy, Yoda, and Clyde

Notice who was the first one to come for oats (Yoda).

And while I was unsaddling and around the barn I couldn’t help but notice the predicament the little yard lion on the right was in. He couldn’t figure out how to get from the board he was on to where his mama and much braver brother were.

And honestly, I do have the cutest puppy.




Picking up Strays

Fog and Frost and Finally

It was cold morning ride but it was also darn sure pretty.

That fog made roundup this morning really hard: couldn’t see the cows, they couldn’t see where to go.

Most of us just kept our little bunches of cows headed for all the mooing that was going on south at the corrals.

Except we had a couple guys on quads that did a real good job of confusing the cows which were following quad tracks every which direction.

We did have some good help. I really like this man and his little healer cross dog: humble, soft spoken, and kind.

The dog is the most cheerful soul (he was just jumping with glee to get to come today) and can’t hardly take his eyes of his old cowboy. Even a bad dog is welcome with us, not that this one is bad.

These are the only 2 trees and we usually can see them from quite a distance. They are close to the South camp and the corrals. We started at first light and had about half the cattle rounded up when I took this picture. The ones I took before this I guess it was too dark for them to turn out.

Buddy looked a little frosty.

And so did the cows. The members helping in the corral were all dressed in their warm duds. The cattle are all pushed into a very big pen together.

Then a few at a time are moved into this alleyway.

Then into here where they move one at a time

towards the announcer who reads the member’s number on the yellow ear tag as the cow comes towards him. They always choose a great big strong guy like the fellow in blue (a big man) to run the swinging gate at the end of this alley and he sorts them to the right or left alleyways.

Then cows and calves (not usually together by now) go down the alleyways where each gate is maned by a member and his cows go in that pen.

Some neighbor’s cows sometimes get mixed up with ours or some cows have lost their ear tag so they go into the stray pen so their brands can get read and later we figure out where they go.

(It was so cold you could see the cow’s breath)

It all works like a well oiled machine and 1800 head can get rounded up and sorted before noon and in the afternoon people trail their cattle home across the bridge over the creek and south down the road. Each group is counted out and leave at spaced out intervals. A few that live too far away haul theirs home but most folks on horseback take them home with a truck or quad to help.

So now it’s just a great big 40,000 acres of emptiness until the cows return in the spring and work starts all over again.


Fog, Frost, and Finally

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The Cutest Puppy

I have the cutest puppy.

Today Gus had his first truck ride and no throwing up. Every pup I’ve ever had threw up the first time but not Gus. And he was left in the truck for quite a while and never chewed either. I was pretty happy with him.

And who can resist that face?

On her way home going down the Ferry rode our daughter saw 2 pairs that didn’t get moved so today we brought them to the yard and hauled them to the south end.

On the way, we found 2 more pairs wandering around in the North Sandhills that got missed somehow and my cowboy unloaded his horse and followed them to the Take Out Field where we discoved . . .

cows out and a gate down, of course.

We retreived the cows and put the gate back up and found another cow and 2 calves in the South Sandhills and put them away too. We made a quick check around the dugout in the North Sandhills just before dark.

So another long day and tomorrow will be a 5:00AM at -10 degrees Celsius riding at day break day. Brrrr, I’m cold just thinking about.

The Cutest Puppy

Moving Along

Well, the work is moving along and so is the time. I can’t imagine it now but in not too long I’ll be wishing all the cows were back here again and they will be, in the spring (but until dark on Saturday Oct. 30th I can’t quit swimming upstream or I’ll drown for sure).

We had 2 Sandhills pastures to clean out today. And got it mostly done in spite of the cold and fog. It wasn’t as cold as yesterday but the fog was a nuisance (I usually really like it except the the fog in my overtired brain. I’ll be glad when that goes away).

We were blessed to have Crystal come help again ( Thanks again C) and she brought 2 really nice helpers with her, a couple of half Danes (like me). It was great because I forgot they were Danish and I was making Avelskivers (a round ball shaped pancake type thing with apples in it) for breakfast. When they came in they looked incredulously at them on the table and were quite delighted to scarf a few down before we started.

And our daughter brought a friend down to help but too but our daughter has hurt her knee and couldn’t ride. I missed her help today; she’s a good hand with a natural instinct for moving livestock that I really admire.

One Tired Cow/Cowgirl

Well, that 1800 down and another 1600 on Saturday. We were up at 5:00 AM and at the south camp in time to be on our horses and out the gate at first light. I took my camera but I was too distracted/busy all day to get many pictures.

Just one old cow that walked as far a she could then layed down. I feel that tired and worn out tonight.

It was a long day but I had a crockpot of stew ready when we got home and my daughter made her famous baking powder bisquits. Now for a hot bath and a warm bed with a cowboy in it it. 🙂

One Tired Cow/Cowgirl


I’m missing everyone’s blogs ’cause I’ve been so busy. Sorry, I miss you all but I’ll have to catch up later. Today my cup runs over and I want to think about it here, out loud for you to hear. (If you’re offended by references to God or the Saviour you don’t have to read any more because that’s what I was thinking about.) Cowboying give a man (and an old woman) lots of time to think about God and our relationship to Him.

If you know me at all you know I love the scriptures. I love to read the Old Testament with Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the law, and all the prophets. Such heros, such lessons to learn.

I love the New Testament because I can walk with the Saviour and with those who walked with him. Such a privilege to be so close to Him and those who loved Him.

If you ever saw my Bible you would laugh. I write in it, so scribbled up with things I have learned, quotes glued in or copied in the margins, lots of stuff.

One thing I always do is circle the word ‘faith’ whenever I first read it. I am always trying to figure out what faith is exactly and I know it can move mountains but how am I supposed to get it.

I’ve been wishing/praying I had more faith lately, faith that my prayers will be heard, that my Father in Heaven loves me, that I can get the help I need to do better, be better. My prayer must have been heard because a sweet calm assurance has washed over me and a confidence has come that whatever happens, God and I will be able to deal with it together.