Daily Archives: October 2, 2010

I Really Need To . . .

get over my grumpy spell.

I failed at what I attempted to do today with rounding up some of the cattle and had to drive the trailer around and wait for my cowboy, Hooch, and Pshaw. When I first got there, to the south end of the field a few cows came to see if it was mooooooving day for them.

It wasn’t but they called and a few more friends showed up. 

Then a few more 

 till finally they were all waiting in the corner to move South (no picture of the whole bunch). They really are insistant. So I decided to walk over there and take some portrait pictures.

I thought this one was the best. That 16 is her ear is her lease tag, it tells us who her owner is and makes sorting so much easier in the fall because they just look at the tag when the cow comes down the alley in those nice new pipe corrals I showed you the other other day. It is so much faster than reading brands on furry hides.

Pay particular attention to the variety of hairdos.

You can really see the Simmental influence, eh?
See how much Hooch has grown : ) He’s gonna be a big boy I think. Note he’s in a hackamore already.
My cowboy says I’m really going to like him when it’s my turn. I can hardly wait.


Mooooooo ving Day

(Ok, it’s working today. I feel bad for being so crabby now.)

I tell the cows: “It’s Moooooooooving Day”. I figure they get the Mooooo part of it, if nothing else.

The cows here are funny. When the days get cooler and fall is in the air they start hanging out on every south fence line they are at, wanting to go home. They all know South is home for the winter and their farmers, who own them, have nice fresh hay stockpiled for them and will take good care of them when the snow hits. Winters here are hard but cattle are tough. I don’t know how they manage outside at as low as 40 degrees below Fahrenheit (minus 60 sometimes with the wind chill factor), bless their hearts.

We have one paved road that runs right through the middle of the lease, east to west. It is a real pain to cross cows over, mostly due to the traffic, although there isn’t really a lot, just a few rude drivers.

Once across no has to encourage them to go as far south as they can. We’ve tried to force them south a time or two with disastrous consequences, eh Crystal? Now we just let them find their own way and it works so much better.

I know this is an odd picture but these cows tails were more like a horse’s tail. They were very long with long hairs more like a horse. The picture doesn’t really do them justice. They have pretty tails.

Pshaw helped today. She is becoming a very valuable little girl.
Buddy was very carefully eating the very tops of any thistles he could find. 

This is what he is eating in the above picture. Just the fuzzy parts.
I rode Wilbur. He is very big. I took this so you could see where eye level is on this horse for me. This is no exaggeration. Those of you that are aware of this view on your own horse can see why it might be a little hard for an old lady to get up there but I can do it. I might have to grunt but I can crawl up there.
This big ditch runs through the southern end of the lease from east to west. No shortage of water here.

Unlike the thistles, apparently, the cat tails are no longer edible.
And cows hate Crested Wheat this time of year. I don’t blame them; it looks like eating wire to me.
We had to treat a calf for foot rot. Yes this is a calf. Can you tell how big it is? It looks like a yearling heifer already. This Simmental herd has the best calves.
My cowboy’s hat got left at the gate (he didn’t want to risk it blowing off it on the chase this calf was giving him and in the wind that was blowing about that time)  and he could only find one big work glove today but still managed to get it all done.
 Have I ever said how much I admire his ability to cowboy. It’s pretty awesome being married to a top hand like him. 
A productive day and I got to do it with the 2 guys I love best in the whole world, Blue and my cowboy.