Daily Archives: October 4, 2010


Just me, waiting for my cowboy to come back and pick me up. The neighbor boy phoned this morning to say that a rather nasty Long Horn bull that he was taking care of for someone, jumped the corral fence and might now be in with our cows. Just what we need to add to the October chaos, oil patch, hunters, now a Long Horn bull of all things. We used to have Long Horn cattle so I know what this is going to be like. The pictures would be something to see, to say the least.

 Pray real hard that he went to the neighbor’s instead. Then it might actually be funny.
What a day, now, with all this work to do: cows spread all over tarnation (thanks to oilpatch and hunters), and  a could be big problem bull, we have to spend half the day fussing with the work truck because the fuel pump went. Oh well, such is life. Tomorrow is another day (hopefully not one like today)

Oh no! On top of all that, I just tried to post one picture! Honestly, I didn’t pray for patience this time!