Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

Another Long Day

We just keep working. 

We moved some cows out of the Dragline field, cleaned out the Lake field, found a white bull that was missing and moved him a long painstakingly slow walk all the way to corrals at the South camp.

This is the bull’s pee break on the way. Note how much bigger he is than the horse and rider.

 I went ahead to open gates into the nice new corrals and found 3 cows and 3 calves from the neighbors there and put them in the corral. When all that was done we called the owners to take the bull and the cows home.

And of course, there was a limping calf that needed treating. Here my cowboy is just sorting out his rope, a 60 foot gold poly with leaded wire wove into it. It’s a heavy rope that works better when it is windy. He actually really doesn’t like the thing but ropes are expensive and he’s making do with it for this year.

And that was all before lunch. Of course ‘lunch’ was at 5:00 PM.