More Fun

Blue thought it was a good day but then Blue is like that, everyday he gets to work is a good day to him.

And there was about 60 pairs that thought it was a good day because they got to go South, closer to their winter home. They were the last of the cows that were in the pasture they were supposed to be in. Any way,  that’s 2 out of the 3 pastures that were involved in the big Oil Patch fiasco cleaned out. Just the big Middle field left. We saved the worst till the last.

And I thought it was a good day because it was a little shorter. Thanks to an appointment in town I got to quit early and now I’m going to do my favorite housework, laundry.

And my cowboy thinks a good day because when he got back from town he saddled another horse and went out to “have some more fun” (He never thinks it work if done on a horse.)

PS. Becky, that bull was born in 95 and is his last year on the lease and for anyone who is wondering, the Long Horn Bull that escaped from the neighbors, hasn’t shown up here yet, thank Heavens.


11 responses to “More Fun

  1. I love that last photo!Glad you were having a good day!!!

  2. I concur, love the last picture!

  3. Wow, love the picture of the big red horse with chrome 🙂 I have to agree–any work with horses doesn't feel like work at all!

  4. Glad you are getting things sorted out! I just love that picture of your cowboy!

  5. Buddy looks like he thinks its a good day too. I also have no favorite housework, although laundry isnt bad cause you only have to do something about it every half hour or so with lots of time in the middle to do fun stuff. Like blog.

  6. Glad to hear the long horn hasn't shown up!So what happens to a bull that old? I mean, can he be steaked out at that age? Do they retire him and let him spend his days eating grass? Somehow, I think your cowboy is a typical cowboy in that anything is good on horseback?Hope the middle pasture doesn't give you any trouble!

  7. I would agree, any day on a horse is a real good day!

  8. I think I'll take laundry over cleaning toilets any day. Or dusting.~Ames

  9. Well, good days are good for sure!!

  10. Only one more pasture left! Really, laundry is your favorite housework? I haven't found a favorite yet, much to the husband's dismay!

  11. Looks like a beautiful day as well.You coud do a calender of your cowboy alone! what a nice shot of him on the horse! And that bull was born in '95? holy smokes , thats some good care and good breeding for him to stay sound at that sizeand age!

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