We got home after dark today (but we didn’t start before light like some folks I know) still it was a looong day again. Made a little longer by this culprit.

Just before dark it started following Blue and me, way to close for comfort. Blue was good and stuck close like I asked ( although he didn’t want to look like he was sticking close and look like a sissy to the coyote).

It did everything it could think of to draw him out, lots of yippin and yappin.

It was very healthy looking, not all mangy like a lot of them. But they still have flees, I’m sure. I just itch thinking about them. I eventually had to stop my horse and  get off to stand guard over my dog till the truck and trailer picked us up.(Although it wasn’t attacking him like the last time I had coyote trouble.)

I was so glad Pshaw wasn’t with us. I’m not sure she wouldn’t have got into a rukus with it. She and ‘her’ cowboy had already started riding back for the trailer so they could come and pick Blue and me up. (Pshaw was so good today and lots of help moving cows . My cowboy loves how brave she is and so good to stick with him and her outrun is really good for such a young dog.)

This morning, we found these girls , hopefully the last of the oil patch fiasco cows. We moved them to the yard  on horseback and

hauled them from there to where they are supposed to be (way south).

Then, after lunch, we moved all the cows we could find out of the Dragline

into the South Sand Hills. That’s where and when I picked up the coyote.

I have these pretty spurs that I never wear (cause I think they are dangerous, too likely to get hung up by one if something bad happens) but today I was lonesome for the tinkling sound they make because of the jinglebobs on them. (It’s really hard to take good pictures of your own spurs when you’re wearing them.) It’s a very pretty sound and I wanted to hear what it sounded like with the tap, tap of my new tapederos. That nursery rhyme about “rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, and she will make music where ever she goes”, that was me today : )

16 responses to “Dark

  1. Blue was a lot better than my dogs would have been! That was some ornry coyote! I love the picture of the cows coming up with in the dusk–very neat. It looks like it could be Kansas, with the pumping unit in the background!

  2. My favorite shot is the one before your spur shot! Holy cow that’s awesome. That’s a good spur shot too though. Sorry got hung up on photos 🙂

  3. I zipped over here from Linda’s (Just another day on the prairie) and so glad I did. I think like Mikey, shooting those nasty beasts would be a good thing. Better them than your dog!


  4. Perhaps you should get a little saddle carbine. Just sayin’. Rather pack one of those than lose a dog. But you sure did get some good pictures of the little rascal.
    I don’t wear spurs on colts, just on Beamer.

  5. I like hearing coyotes at night but I’m not all that fond of them hanging around the yard.

  6. Pesky coyotes. Love your spurs! I have tried taking pictures of mine too… your right, it’s rather difficult for sure!

  7. Beautiful spurs, but I’m like you, I see them as an easy way to get hung up. Plus I trip over my feet w/o spurs on 🙂
    As for that coyote, if they don’t back right off, I shoot. Most of the time they’re real good out here, but some nights they pack up and come looking for tasty treats. All I’ve got is lead.

  8. Quincy's Keeper

    Your spurs are nice. I have several pair that hang on the wall, for just the reason you stated. Don’t want to get hung up if one goes to pitching.
    We have coyotes here, they aren’t as big a pest as the foxes. I actually love to listen to them howl.

  9. Your coyote is lots bigger than the ones we have here in Illinois! Glad you didn’t have any trouble with him/her. I’m glad you are finally getting the oil patch mess cleared out and getting everybody where they belong. I love the sound of jinglebobs! God Bless!

  10. Good ole Blue, those coyotes sure can be scary. We always worried about our Goldens running after them. At least it looks like good weather, not snowing yet which is nice!

  11. I would definitely be worried about a coyote that followed that close.
    Glad everything went okay.
    Have a good Wednesday!

  12. Hi CCC, I live near Lockerbie, about 300 miles from Wales, I have never rode their, so the photo you see as a header, is of the top of a hill called “Load pot Hill,” in the English Lake District.
    It is the most northerly in a chain of “mountains”, that is called “High Street”.
    I was riding a Roman Road, which passes across the tops at 3000ft, for some 11 miles. The horse is Gracie, my 10 year old cross mare. Sorry you went to wordpress! It is a loss. I really love the pictures you do.

  13. we had a coyote in our yard yesterday morning, that is WAY to close for my liking. I think its time to go a huntin.
    Thats funny rings on her fingers, bells on her toes. Glad you are wearing those spurs, they look so pretty!

  14. Boy I don’t like it when the coyotes are so bold! I know you already adore my big Winston dog, but I have to tell you this one , he save Skeeter from a coyote when Skeet was just a pup , barrelled across the feild and broadsided the coyote with his chest ,hit him so hard he dropped the pup and rolled out of sight.Goldens are pretty protective fellows! Glad Blue stayed close and safe with you . I also had an old farm collie for years ,who was a mean coyote killer ,tough old gilr she kept the place under control in her heyday!
    Snazzy spurs, were you wearing your pearls too?

  15. We have one here that tries to bark like a dog, sometimes sounds pretty good.
    They stay over in the olive orchard away from the house.
    You know they have flees…..Have a good one.

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