Gotta Love a Happy Dog

Blue is always happy. He has a way of making me happy too. (Aren’t collies miracle workers?) even on long hard days.  We found the last of the cows in the Dragline field and moved them into the South Sand Hills pasture with the rest of their herd.

Then he had a mud bath.

Look at that sneaky smile .

After lunch we went to check on the other 1600 head in a field north of the house.

A few were hanging out in the few trees in that pasture (that’s where we usually see the moose is around there)

but most of them were nearby or down by the creek.

Luckily we found this gate open before the cows or we could have had a repeat fiasco. This time we suspected hunters because there were no vehicle tracks to the Enermark site. It meant a long ride ride round to check the other gates on the south side of the field (all the cows want to go south so we didn’t even check the north gates).

As we were riding back I noticed all the burrs in Trouper’s tail.

I’m glad it’s getting dark earlier. It makes the days shorter but I went from freezing cold this morning to take my coat off warm in the afternoon to wishing I hadn’t left it in the truck on the way back. But I’m warm now and about to get warmer in a nice hot bath.


10 responses to “Gotta Love a Happy Dog

  1. There’s nothing happier than a farm dog, I’m sure of it! They just love to get dirty, don’t they? LOL. I had a chuckle when you mentioned there were moose in those trees at times. I can’t imagine looking for cattle and seeing a Moose!! 🙂

  2. That’s rude of people to leave gates open! Here that’d be known as trespassing if they didn’t have permission.

  3. People are such jerks! Do they have no concept of if you find it open, leave it, if it’s closed close it?? I’m sorry you have to deal with stuff like that!

  4. Hmm we rode through some mud like that, and it sure stunk!
    I like the pic of the cow in the trees, looks happy.

  5. My dogs love the mud! ….Trouble is, its always the thickest, blackest, gooeyest mud going! And there is no water to wash it off!

    Great pics, !!

  6. Ouch! Looks like that tail needs a lot of brushing.
    Happy dogs are the best. 🙂

  7. I like daylight saving time…I really do! But I know there are others that love it when it goes away.
    I so agree with you about your dogs, I couldn’t imagine life with out at least one dog, two is so much better.

  8. I’m appreciating the shorter days too…….I just wish that daylight savings time wasn’t ending so soon.

  9. Looks like somebody loves a wet dog! What a happy looking fellow he is! More open gate,rottens someones out there!

  10. The nights are getting cold but I love the clear night sky. Not a breath of wind, and the big dipper sparkling, the contented sound of the horses munching their hay, and the feeling of knowing that you did a good day’s work- life is good!

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