Bright Spots on a Rainy Day

I was thinking early today how I was going come home and do a post about how glad I was for sunshine today, about not being like John Donne when he complained, “Busy old fool, unruly sun, why doest thou thus, through windows and through curtains call on us?” Of course, he was laying in bed with his lover not wanting to get up, not out fighting  the rain and cold on horseback.

Then I thought I should mention how I think people who complain are actually just not very bright. If they were they would do something about what’s bothering them or be smart enough to know they couldn’t change it and realize it was something they would just have to live with.

Sure, that was around 6:00 when I thought I was close to done. I should have knocked on wood. So what I am about to say might sound like complaining . . . ( oh nuts, it is complaining).

My cowboy and I were trying to finish the field we cleaned most of the 1600 head out of yesterday. (How many could there be left? We saw so many go through the two gates across the canal. There are always more than you think.) The storm held us up some so we got a late start.

The ones that are left are always the stinkers. Blue, Pic, and I had our problems with this bunch. It was a pretty tough go with all the ones I found.


My cowboy was off doing his own thing moving some cows down the road when he noticed cows on the wrong side of fence, dropped the gate and rode in to get them. In the meantime the water truck driver (AKA idiot) for this rig layed on his horn the whole way through them and scattered them to the wind.

We finished up what we could then drove to the rig to talk to the Push and happened to get someone even better that I think set the driver in his place. He told my cowboy: “The guys are told we’re guests on this land , just go slow and steady through the cows. If you can’t obey the rules your gone. You won’t get another chance.” (I wish).

The open gate, I only have a picture of the tread marks for that idiot.

Well when I walked through the door just before 8:00 PM after driving in the dark all the way home because the headlights on the work truck wouldn’t cooperate I really felt like complaining.

But really there were two bright spots in my day, the sun  and when it went down and I was eating my one meal of the day, peanut butter and Crystal’s Nanking Cherry Jelly sandwich, Crystal phoned. She is the other little bright spot. She’s coming tomorrow to help : )


9 responses to “Bright Spots on a Rainy Day

  1. I would have been hacked if a guy did that! He was an a**hole! pardon the language!

  2. Heheheheh, you guys would make easy work of my little herd on 600 acres. I’ll call you over for the round-up!

  3. Ugh! You have every right to complain. What turds!

  4. Compare the tread marks with the trucks at that rig. Maybe they’re the ones leaving the gate open…

    Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  5. I think you`ve room to complain! Hell! I would have gotten off my horse and had a “word”!………..I know that doesnt solve most things, but by God it helps.
    But you seem to something a lot of people dont have, and thats Good Friends.

  6. cant wait! hope the weather is a little nicer though.

  7. Hope they fired him. You’re lucky to have Crystal around; we really enjoyed her company.

  8. I can’t abide inconsiderate people. Meaness either. Strange, a lot of post this week seem to deal with this very same topic. Some people can’t understand that kindness matters. So sorry that you and Cowboy seem to always have to put up such troubles. Surely makes for a very long day! Keep Calm and Carry On!~Ames ~

  9. Good friends and good food,brightspots I would agree.The water truck guy really needs to find another line of work,or some common sense!

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