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An Eventful Day

The day started out with yard lions we hadn’t seen before. (I think they have been hiding under the salt shed). One looks like his dad and the other looks like a collie dog, don’t you think?

The dogs were happy and excited to get something to do. They have a little game where Bachgen chases Blue and Pshaw chases Bachgen.

And Yaaaaay! The power guys came to fix our power that is always going out. This time they tried to blame it on the poor innocent cows.

We had to check the combined Simmental/Early Red Angus herd. But first we checked the gate that was down late Saturday. It was up (oddly, I’ll get back to that in a minute) but on Sunday when we weren’t around they tore down the metal sign they had mangled Saturday. The one that says: “NO ATVs or Motorbikes”

The EID had put them up with screws but obviously that didn’t help.

My cowboy patiently hammered it out straight again and

nailed it back up

Looks good but I can’t imagine it helping.

Then we started looking for the cows Saturday’s water truck driver had scattered to the wind. Not a cow in the whole field. Odd? Then I got to thinking sign torn down but gate up, I bet I know where the missing cows are. Why would the gate be shut and the sign down? Because they shut it on purpose to keep them in the wrong field. I suspect they actually pushed them into that field after I found these ATV tracks. I don’t know if you can tell but they were really moving when the circled here, right where the cows would have been waiting to go through the gate to the other cows.

We didn’t have time to check that field further North to validate my suspicions but I’ll bet ya a dollar to a pinch of hen #@!! I’m right. We had trouble with some kids last year thinking they own the whole place. They locked some poor cows into the fenced dugout  and the others out of water after they were told weren’t supposed to be there on bikes (not our rules rules, the EID’s).

We didn’t have time because we had calves to treat.

Couldn’t help but notice the milk cow’s calf.

And this is a good mom, look at the size of her calf.

I traded my cowboy ropes today. I use a cactus ranch rope, 45 foot nylon.

He uses a  60 foot poly. He has got to hating it and today he got his hand caught, had his glove on, luckily, still broke skin and bruised it up. Things go slower for me so I thought maybe I could manage it. It was kind of fun. I discovered that I could swing a very big loop with it (heelers like big loops) , and it dips really nice. I maybe could even catch a calf with it.

He looked pretty happy to get mine too. “A change is as good as a rest.” I hope so.


An Eventful Day