Poor Old Man in the Moon

I’m way passed tired and my patience is wore so thin I could reach up there and punch the man in the moon in the nose (and what did he ever do but smile down on me). And joy, I have caught pink-eye somewhere. It would all be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful.


10 responses to “Poor Old Man in the Moon

  1. Yikes! Hows the pinkeye doing? Have you been hugging those little toddlers again? I always walk away with something when i spend time with anyone under the age 10…grand parenting isnt for sissies lol but I certainly cant wait til my girls get married and I get to get sick!!! lol

  2. I had to giggle at your comment about punching the man in the moon. 🙂 ope you get over the pink eye real soon! That is most defiantly not fun.

  3. Oh no! The lady at the feed store in town here told me that there’s been several people that came down with pink eye. I wonder if it’s just bad this year (apparently all over the place LOL) this year. I’m sorry! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

  4. Oh no…not pink eye! did you get it from the guy in the shop in the old city of Athens? I was so afraid I was going to pick it up from him when I was there last week! Guess you didn’t… But I thought asking you might make you smile anyway! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I`m sorry to hear this. I do know how tired you can get, constant work without proper sleep. Doesnt do anyone any good.
    But get some sleep if you can, and a good hug from your Cowboy might do the trick!

  6. Ok, it’s gonna get better from here on out right? Right! Maybe the dust and grit has irritated your eye. A good flushing with cold water and a good night’s sleep to relax your eye will help hopefully. Right? Right! Now repeat after me…Tomorrow will be a beautiful day! 🙂 But you can still punch the man on the moon…just because you feel like it! ~Ames

  7. Aw. *hugs* I know it can come out of no where. No fun. (Have you ever seen Corner Gas? It was a Canadian show. Hilarious. They did an episode on pink eye.)
    Hope you get well soon!

  8. Hey the man in the moon says that it is sleeping time 🙂

  9. I would even bring the all star Cattle retriever! or not

  10. Oh my ! so sorry to read this ! sending you a huge hug from me and youbuddy Winston .BTW I need your snail mail addy please .Wish I could get out of work and I would drive down and saddle up to help !

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