Oh Well!

Well, I feel plumb cheerful today. Rest is a wonderful thing. Not that everything went well but OH WELL!

This calf had such curly hair I had to take his picture.

Remember when I said all the bulls went home? Well maybe not. Apparently, one got forgotton somehow; probably because he has very sneakily been hiding in the bushes.

It’s an interesting story. We couldn’t chase him out of the brush, he just kept weaving in and out and back in. The dogs couldn’t get him to leave the brush. I even tried but had to get out PDQ because he was right on my heels once and I had to crawl under a big strong branch which held him back. (I’m a little crazy when I get that mad) so we thought: “OK we’ll catch him in the brush and drag him out”.  We got a rope on him, my 60′ poly, in a clearer spot. (You can see it’s yellow in these pictures and tied off in the bottom right of the following photo.)

My cowboy risked his life on foot to get it tied to those bushes and went to unhook the trailer and bring the work truck so we could pull him out with it (just a little too much to ask our horses to do). I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two while I was waiting.

He was some mad, that bull, and was wiggling and waggling trying to get loose. The rope was holding good but I’m never too confident till they have 2 ropes on .

Unfortunately I quit taking pictures about then because it was getting a little exciting and I needed to help. My cowboy drove the truck up, stepped out with the second rope, the bull saw him, made on huge lung, and the rope he was caught with broke. We ran for the truck and the bull ran passed us and into much denser Pickly Buffalo Berry. Whew! and OH WELL! (Did I ever say it’s never boring here.)

We hooked the trailer back up and went on our merry way leaving that bull for better day. (Cute eh? He’ll be mad when he sees his butt here, he-he) 🙂




17 responses to “Oh Well!

  1. At least the bull didn’t get you! And didn’t someone notice they had a bull missing when they came to pick them up?

  2. “it was getting a little exciting”?!!!! lol you have a way with words!

  3. Ah, I was off the grid for awhile and come back to see you have a new home! 🙂 I’m going to enjoy catching up on what’s been going on! Sure hope you are well!

  4. Glad your all OK ! Your new sight is looking good.

  5. Nice butt shot by the way!

  6. There is always a rifle 😉

  7. Lol, NICE BUTT!!
    Boy that’s a big mad bull. You are both some kind of brave. Please don’t get run down, we enjoy your stories way too much to lose ya now!! Love the pics, he does not look happy at all, lol.
    I wrote about big bulls today too, how funny is that?

  8. Glad ya’ll were able to get him!

  9. Well, guess its not only the charlois bulls that give trouble hey?
    That last pic made me laugh,lol.

  10. Rather you than me!!! Thats some Bull, better luck next time.

  11. Can’t you just get some bear-bangers and throw them in the brush to flush him out? Mind you, you might not want to be mounted when you let one of them go off, they’re mighty loud. So you going to buy another poly rope?

  12. He is a big stout fellow! seems he doesn’t feel he is ready to go yet.Glad no one was hurt,hope it goes better next time

  13. Wow. Good thing all the cows are moved, I guess.
    That’s not the one that got away from the neighbor, is it?

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better today though. Happy Friday to you all! 🙂

  14. Well Jiminy Christmas, never a dull moment! Holy smokes!!! Sorry to hear you lost a rope because of the obnoxious elusive bull, but am thankful neither you nor your Cowboy got hurt. Phew, another close call! You certainly have more nerve than I. Glad you are feeling better after some rest too.

  15. My only experience with a bull was when I was a child and I was chased out of a pasture by one. So this explains the term “bull headed stuborn.” ~ Ames

  16. That reminds me of a certain bull last summer, except the truck was to far away to pull him out, and you hurt your hand! Glad to hear both of you are ok 🙂

  17. Bull warning!!!! Better you than me – remember what happened the last time you tangled with a bull.

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