The Madness Continues

Another gate  vandalized and 150 head in the absolute worst field to clean out. These are the cattle that are supposed to be leaving on the 27th. It will mean a frantic few days trying to get everything back and keeping it that way. What can I say? I don’t even know what to think.

Many years ago I thought the lease riders had the best lives: ride a horse all day everyday, hang out with cows, eat stake every night, no neighbors, no worries.  Mmmmh. Sounds goods, in theory.

I’m not even sure what to pray for anymore. I really do know better than to pray for patience. . . but I feel like I really need it.


12 responses to “The Madness Continues

  1. It’s the 27th! The day. So get on with it woman. Then maybe, perhaps, you can rest.~Ames

  2. I can’t believe people are so rude! I wonder if it is people like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States… not sure if you guys have to deal with those nimrods!

  3. I’m sorry the insanity caused by careless humans continues. Yup, the more I know about humans the more I like animals…

    The cattle battle will be over soon, but in the meantime, I hope your cute kitty bugs and sweet puppykins will make your heart smile.

  4. SORRY, Nothing you can do about bad people.
    We’ll pray for your patience, you get a good nights sleep.

  5. awww Cotton is soo cute!
    Just a little longer and they will be gone!!!

  6. What fernvalley01 said. It is scary the way people disrespect property now.
    I imagine there is no law other than what you can do there? and you can’t be everywhere.

    And if you strengthened the gate, they’d probably take out the fence…

    I wish I knew what could help, but I don’t. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that whoever did this gets a bit of karma in return.

    *hugs* ♥

  7. Just remember that it will soon be over and done…..maybe not as fast as you’d like but this too shall pass.

  8. I think patience won’t fix the problem- but it’s worth praying for. A little police intervention would help, but the burden of proof would be on you. Maybe the livestock commission could come up with a big reward for info on vandalism, it might get someone to turn in the culprits.
    Hope the cattle cooperate at least.

  9. I’m so sorry and don’t even know what to say. I’ll pray for mankind in general because the “human” condition gets worse every day!

  10. That really stinks! How can people be so downright mean – perhaps we should pray for them too as they really seem to need it!

  11. I can’t believe it! I would be very very upset. Pray for patience!

  12. Whats that old saying “I don’t dare pray for strength,I might kill someone” Probably you were right years ago the lease riders did have it better, there was far more respect for fences ,boundarys livestock and the land in general . there has been so much lost to the sense of entitlement people have developed.” I want to go ride my quad , so I will and damn the consequences!”
    Hubby and I were talking , and I said,”mind if I book a few days off and head south to go help gather cows?”‘ his response was not surprisingly “wait a week and I will come with” course by then you might not need us , but if you do…

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