Got’er Done

I love my dog, Blue. He is always so much help. It’s only when he gets really tired that he makes a few mistakes. I took him for water at the creek that is the south boundary of the lease. That’s his little black and white butt by the tip of Wilbur’s nose. (Note: the braid fell out and the burrs  are back in Wilbur’s forelock). We all worked hard today.

Everywhere we went we wired all the gates shuts. So maybe, if we keep our fingers crossed . . .

Well, it wasn’t easy but we got it done (and before it started to rain). We dug the 150 head out of the swampy pasture and returned them to the take out field.

The cattle weren’t happy about getting kicked out of their favorite pasture (but my most unfavorite). Note the cowboy in his winter hat, me too, today, and my long underwear.

These are the last through the gate.

It all almost resulted in  a strongly worded disagreement at the very beginning but I took a deep breath, kept my voice calm, and came up with a suggestion that worked. One thing I do insist on is respect. I work hard enough to deserve it.

Actually with all that’s happening maybe I am getting more patient :  ) Who would have thought? I just have to remember my mantra: “Turn something bad into something good.” Patience is good.


12 responses to “Got’er Done

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish hard work! I know you are glad it’s done!~Ames

  2. Wonder why that’s their fave pasture?? Yeah sometimes patience is good.

  3. Glad it got done!

  4. Glad you made it before the rain. Also happy you got your “suggestion” listened to. We, women, sometimes have a good thought!

  5. There was a book that came out a few years back called “love & respect” – based on the premise that women want love, men want respect. It didnt seem right at the time and it still doesnt seem right – and in my way of thinking, I did make a comment about it to my husband ” you can love me all you want, but if it doesnt come with respect, it doesnt mean a thing but weasel words, and vice versa~ with respect comes love. Needless to say we didnt do that couples study, and we still get along fine…

    Cold work, brrrrr! hope you finally warmed up afterwards!

  6. Brrrr! I hope those gates hold the impolite people out. Glad you got the mucky pasture cleared of cattle, that can’t have been fun work. What’s next?

  7. Yes mam, patience is a good thing, even though very often we have to be tested by fire to get it! I’m glad you got things all cleaned up and pray that they will stay that way!

  8. Always get sort of pleased to read your blog, not only does it show the hard work and effort, it shows how others misuse the right to land use. ie the leaving of gates open. Its the same here, some one recently left a gate open at a farm in Maltby, Yorkshire. The result was several dead horses, and many in foal mares with collic! As the gate left open allowed the horses into the farm yard, and then into a grain bin!
    It was on the national news, big stink!!!!

  9. I’m really glad to hear that everything turned out okay.
    Hopefully the slimeballs messing with the gates will just move along now.

    *Hugs* Hope you all have a great week!

  10. Good for you, I am glad that’s done, especially before the rain, it was pouring buckets down here.

    Blessings on you both for finding a workable solution, I’d imagine tensions are pretty high this time of year, not at all aided by the ‘surprises’ people are leaving for you.

    Just a few more days, just a few more days, just a few more days…Hugs!

  11. Glad you got it done – good luck with keeping those gates where they belong!

  12. Looks like patience and determination , are your forte! Glad you got it sorted out .Hope it is smooth sailing till the 30th

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