One Tired Cow/Cowgirl

Well, that 1800 down and another 1600 on Saturday. We were up at 5:00 AM and at the south camp in time to be on our horses and out the gate at first light. I took my camera but I was too distracted/busy all day to get many pictures.

Just one old cow that walked as far a she could then layed down. I feel that tired and worn out tonight.

It was a long day but I had a crockpot of stew ready when we got home and my daughter made her famous baking powder bisquits. Now for a hot bath and a warm bed with a cowboy in it it. 🙂

12 responses to “One Tired Cow/Cowgirl

  1. Thank you. For your honesty, and the fact that you appreciate what matters most at the end of the day . Even though i might have the hardest work day that I can do, and share with my man, its still wonderful at the end of the day to have them by your side. And this post just proved to me that it can stand the test of time!

  2. Crockpots are awesome! 🙂 Hope you were able to rest.

  3. hmmmm, that sounds like a nice ending to a long day. ;o)

  4. I just LOVE how you still refer to your cowboy so affectionately! Gives me hope 🙂 I get tired of seeing this person and that person are getting a divorce. haha… I love the I love you stories!

  5. What a wonderful dinner.

    Hope you all slept well. ♥

  6. There is nothing better than a hot bath/shower when you’ve really earned it…….unless it’s followed by a warm bed with your man in it!

  7. Now that’s tired. It’s good to come home! ~Ames

    You should share that bisquit recipe;)

  8. poor ole girl… I did mean the cow, its a long walk for sure. Tell everyone I say howdy! It’s getting hotter here more than ever! Cannot wait to get home and ride this coming summer 🙂

  9. Sounds like a really busy day, and I can understand the need for a hot bath, you deserve it, and so does that man of yours!

  10. That’s a good day’s work! You deserve your rest. Hope Saturday goes smooth.

  11. Nice blog I lved the read about the Old Cow

  12. Thinking of you on these tail end days.Hope the weather holds till the cows are all loaded up and gone. Enjoy that yummy supper and bath .And hope you rest well

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