Daily Archives: October 29, 2010

The Cutest Puppy

I have the cutest puppy.

Today Gus had his first truck ride and no throwing up. Every pup I’ve ever had threw up the first time but not Gus. And he was left in the truck for quite a while and never chewed either. I was pretty happy with him.

And who can resist that face?

On her way home going down the Ferry rode our daughter saw 2 pairs that didn’t get moved so today we brought them to the yard and hauled them to the south end.

On the way, we found 2 more pairs wandering around in the North Sandhills that got missed somehow and my cowboy unloaded his horse and followed them to the Take Out Field where we discoved . . .

cows out and a gate down, of course.

We retreived the cows and put the gate back up and found another cow and 2 calves in the South Sandhills and put them away too. We made a quick check around the dugout in the North Sandhills just before dark.

So another long day and tomorrow will be a 5:00AM at -10 degrees Celsius riding at day break day. Brrrr, I’m cold just thinking about.


The Cutest Puppy