Fog and Frost and Finally

It was cold morning ride but it was also darn sure pretty.

That fog made roundup this morning really hard: couldn’t see the cows, they couldn’t see where to go.

Most of us just kept our little bunches of cows headed for all the mooing that was going on south at the corrals.

Except we had a couple guys on quads that did a real good job of confusing the cows which were following quad tracks every which direction.

We did have some good help. I really like this man and his little healer cross dog: humble, soft spoken, and kind.

The dog is the most cheerful soul (he was just jumping with glee to get to come today) and can’t hardly take his eyes of his old cowboy. Even a bad dog is welcome with us, not that this one is bad.

These are the only 2 trees and we usually can see them from quite a distance. They are close to the South camp and the corrals. We started at first light and had about half the cattle rounded up when I took this picture. The ones I took before this I guess it was too dark for them to turn out.

Buddy looked a little frosty.

And so did the cows. The members helping in the corral were all dressed in their warm duds. The cattle are all pushed into a very big pen together.

Then a few at a time are moved into this alleyway.

Then into here where they move one at a time

towards the announcer who reads the member’s number on the yellow ear tag as the cow comes towards him. They always choose a great big strong guy like the fellow in blue (a big man) to run the swinging gate at the end of this alley and he sorts them to the right or left alleyways.

Then cows and calves (not usually together by now) go down the alleyways where each gate is maned by a member and his cows go in that pen.

Some neighbor’s cows sometimes get mixed up with ours or some cows have lost their ear tag so they go into the stray pen so their brands can get read and later we figure out where they go.

(It was so cold you could see the cow’s breath)

It all works like a well oiled machine and 1800 head can get rounded up and sorted before noon and in the afternoon people trail their cattle home across the bridge over the creek and south down the road. Each group is counted out and leave at spaced out intervals. A few that live too far away haul theirs home but most folks on horseback take them home with a truck or quad to help.

So now it’s just a great big 40,000 acres of emptiness until the cows return in the spring and work starts all over again.



13 responses to “Fog and Frost and Finally

  1. OMG I think I would freeze up there with you guys. I’m not sure how you do it! And yup, the animals looked Frosty!

  2. Thank you for sharing these ~ theres beauty in ashes…and frost!

    The photo of the rider and his devoted “bud” following and looking up at him at the same time is priceless; thats true love right there…

  3. Oh my goodness! The pictures of the frosted whiskers really make me feel cold! It’s only down to 60 here and I feel freezing. Guess I need to cowgirl up LOL!!

  4. Those pictures really tell it like it is; cold, frosty, and even beautiful in it’s own way. Especially viewed from my nice warm office! Glad you’re about done before the weather gets really nasty. I love the photo of the fellow who helped out.

  5. Glad you are done. Now what? ~Ames

  6. Hope you had a quiet and peaceful Sunday.

  7. The fog and frost sure make for beautiful pictures. I’m worn out just reading about all the work y’all did. Hope you can get some well earned rest now.

  8. Well, now you can hibernate all winter… ha!
    I think I ould, that looks tooooo cold, when the horses are frosty… :/
    your one tough cowgirl, thats for sure. The coldest I’ve worked in, was in the blowing snow, we drove cattle in the direction of the blowing snow, not fun. The ranch we worked for right after we got married brands in the fall, and I helped out during those works. It was fun, until it got that cold. But I don’t recall frost on my horses face… 🙂

  9. I bet you miss it already, and if you don’t then by next week you sure will, it looked beautiful wish I was there to!

  10. My finest congratulations to you and all your dear 2- and 4-legged helpers. I’d say you all did very well and I’ll add in a few more f’s – faith, family, friends, food, and FORTITUDE! Be well, rest easy, breathe deeply.
    (Love the beautiful photos and the sweet notes, especially the man and his dog. Oh holy brrrr! Buddy’s coat hasn’t fluffed up for winter yet?)

  11. Yeah you’re done!! We are too.

  12. What a day! the pictures of the frost and fog are beautiful! Rest well , you have certainly earned it .Quite the system you work with there , glad it went well

  13. I envy you. It is a rare person, who can say they live. You do, and so does your man…….I see why you call him the Cowboy.

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