Daily Archives: October 31, 2010

Picking up Strays

Well, I wanted to go to church today but I had to thank God at home that all went as well as it did this year and especially yesterday in the fog.

It always take 2 days to move cows, I find: the day you move them and the day you look for any that got missed. Today we found 7 pairs that got missed yesterday in the fog. (Never mind cows, it’s funny we didn’t loose any of the riders.) I let these girls stop here at this little slough to have a drink before I moved them to the corrals. They were so sweet when they saw me, they ran to the gate (so I didn’t miss it, I guess) and waited till I opened it and went in to tell them where to go.

This magpie was very interested in all the goings on.

I thought he matched Blue, being they are both black and white, and tried to get them in the same shot but by then the magpie was flying.

So a pretty short, not very eventful day, and it was so much nicer than yesterday. We’re still short a cow or two so I guess we’ll be hunting for them this week.

I promised someone I would add a picture or two of a couple of the horses here, so these are for her.

Buddy, Yoda, and Clyde

Notice who was the first one to come for oats (Yoda).

And while I was unsaddling and around the barn I couldn’t help but notice the predicament the little yard lion on the right was in. He couldn’t figure out how to get from the board he was on to where his mama and much braver brother were.

And honestly, I do have the cutest puppy.





Picking up Strays