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Trying to Help Out

Kit is trying to help someone, and I’m trying to help her help them.

Her post says:

We are trying to get a Doberman from the shelter here to her new home in Chicago.  We are still in need of a number of legs in the transport.  The transport will run from Texas to Oklahoma, than Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.  If you know of anyone out there that could help, that would be awesome!  We have her set from here to Oklahoma City.  Just need to pick up some car rides from there on.

I figured I would post on here since I have readers all over the United States.  If you think you can help, please contact Sandy at the Shelter.  The number is 254-754-1454.

I know what it’s like trying to get your dog home.  I got lucky with Diesel.  The stars aligned and everything fell into place.  Let’s hope Gail, the Dobie, has the same good luck

Always Thinking

I’m odd. You know that by know I’m sure. I’ve chosen to live a simpler life. I believe it is true what Leonardo Da Vinci (I, too, can write backwards with my left hand) said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So I hang out with cows on the bald prairie under an immense expanse of sky.

Because of that, it is sometimes hard for people to reconcile that lifestyle with an old lady who likes theoretical physics, multiple languages, and suffers from technophilia. Yes, odd. So here’s what I’m thinking, always thinking.

Something I am facinated with is time. My own personal theory is that it is a dimension of space, not something real, in and of itself. It is the one thing that allows 2 things to inhabit the same space. Think about that: if you add time to the equation the impossible becomes possible, right?

My  most important concern with time is that it is the real currency of life. Oh, you thought money was currency? How do you get money? You spend your time to get it. Every choice costs time, part of that 24 hrs/day we all have.

As I get older I realize that my allotment of time will be running out in the not too distant future and I wonder: How wisely am I spending the currency of life? What is the best use of my time, right now?

“Pretty” by Jack Frost

It was so foggy last night and tonight that it looks like we are the only people in the world. I mean the fog has obliterated any lights in the distance (a few oil patch ones we can usually see).

But it makes the world and

the trees so pretty.

Once on the ranch that we worked at before coming here the hoarfrost was so thick it makes the barbwire fence look like a pole fence. I miss that ranch and the little red tin roofed house by the creek and I suppose I’ll miss it here, too,  when we move on.

Sunday Stills-The Blogger Behind the Camera

I still can’t get any pictures up here that weren’t already uploaded so you can head over to The link thing isn’t available either. Glad I’m went over to WordPress some days. But I really did like alot about Blogger, oh well.

In Regina and Sunday Stills- the blogger behind the camera

First I want to tell you one of my cowboy’s favorite stories.

Late one fall an old cowboy was way out on the range fixing fence. A sudden cold front caused the temperature to plummet. It was getting dark by the time he finished and walked back to the truck, half froze by the time he got there. He could not get the truck to start, no matter what he did. He decided the only thing left was to pray. He told God his predicament and asked Him for help to get his truck started. It didn’t and he died, froze to death.

When he met St. Peter at the Gate he asked him how come he didn’t get any help when he had prayed for it. Peter told him: “It was so long since we heard from you we didn’t know where you were and we ended up starting a truck in Wisconsin.”

One of our girls is a truck driver. It’s odd to think of this young women with very pronounced dimples driving a big truck pulling Super B’s (64,000 lb capacity).

Sometimes she unloads along way from home in the wee hours of the morning. One place she delivers to is very spooky, lots of old buildings around in a dubious area of the city.

One night she got there and couldn’t open this valve to get unloaded. She did every thing she could think of but nothing worked. She was really scared and didn’t know what to do. She got back in her truck and said a prayer then went back out, struggled with the valve, and it miraculously opened.

She phoned to tell me about her experience. I laughed when she told me: “and, Mom, I told Him I was in Regina”.

Sunday Stills challenge was to show the blogger behind the camera.

Happy Cowboy

My cowboy went to the Auction Market today to see what the prices are like on cows around here. He doesn’t often get the opportunity to go socialize and he came home happy because he visited with some fellows he liked.

I opted to stay home. My brain felt fuzzy all day and I had no ambition at all.  I guess I’m not quite up to par after my flu shot. Not sick, just not real perky feeling. It will all be worth it though if it keeps me from getting sick like I did last winter. That was bad, my flu turned into pneumonia and had me down for quite a while.

Sunny Day

Everyone is much happier!

Maybe I can get to town for some much needed supplies.

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving. And just a note, be especially thankful you don’t have Alberta weather. Love you all.

You Know It’s Cold When. . .

At least the snow isn’t too deep, even though it’s blown us in; I’ve seen lots worse. But it’s not so cold, so trucks are at least starting this morning.

This one might take a while to get moving, it’s pretty stuck. 2 wheel drives aren’t much use here.

I took pictures of the horses when they came up the other day to see what all the commotion was when we were trying to get out and couldn’t. That’s Yoda, second from the front and Aussie second from the back.

That’s Aussie standing next to Wilbur; looking at this I’m thinking he’s grown quite a bit over the summer. That should make a certain barrel racer happy.

Yoda was in too big of a hurry to stop to say hello. He wanted a drink.

Aussie, on the other hand, will always jump in your pocket. He actually has icicles on his eye lashes.

Hooch, Pic, Wart, and then they youngest, Diesel was the last one in.

Pic was almost to the corral gate when he decided to stop for a roll.

This was Buddy saying hello. You know it’s cold when your horses nose has icicles.


An interesting day yesterday because of all this white stuff. The new truck won’t start ( apparently an unknown block heater problem), the blue work truck won’t start ( we know it needs a lift pump), our daughter’s old red truck (a two wheel drive) is stuck part way down the drive. My cowboy left the car way out on the gravel road so it wouldn’t be blown in but who knew it was going to be -37 F over night and it wouldn’t start. All possibility of escape thrawted.

My cowboy was pretty discouraged especially as he was supposed to go to a orientation for a new winter job. That didn’t happen. He was frantic to get out to go to a special course today that ends with a 3 hour long test. He made it but it meant we had to call in a favour to jump the car to start it then let it run all night out on the road, and he had to walk out there at 5 this morning in the cold and dark.

Living here looks like heaven in the summer but the winters are tough. Plus my internet connection is so slow I can’t get pictures of the mess uploaded. I’m just plain stuck.